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[size=75][i]“The third of five dimensions, the home which all mortal races know. We exist here, in Asz, in betwixt the four other dimensions that many refer to as heavens and hells. The truth is much more complex than that, truly. But to know Asz, is to know the inner workings of one’s self. And to know the rest of the five dimensions, one must know the inner workings of all.”[/i]
[b]- Tales of Asz; Introduction[/b][/size]

[size=85]The third of the five dimensions that are known to the mortal races, Asz is a world that is not entirely unlike the ones you see in most fantasy settings. However, there are some difference, so let’s set some things straight:

- Magic exists; but those who wield it are held in high disdain, and often killed at birth. Those who survive do not hone their abilities to their full potential unless they spend their entire lives devoted to the study of magic. Mages are looked down upon even by criminals, and other despicable scum. However, Mages who are able to study in peace become very powerful foes, but more oft than not live the life of a lone wolf, too afraid to leave their hideouts. While one mage may be worth ten common foot soldiers, one Witch-Hunter can easily dispose of a mage. However, should a group of mages band together, they may pose a threat. But more likely than not, they would be dispatched before they could pose a threat. Mana does not exist in Asz, either, which is one of many reasons that Mages are persecuted as they are.

- Dragons once existed, but they’re all dead now. Even their bones have turned to dust. There’s no exception to this. However, the natives of Asz often refer to things as dragons if they cannot come to any other logical conclusion. The most common “dragon” sightings usually turn out to be the winged snakes that inhabit the Southern Marsh Lands.

- Gods do not exist within the five dimensions known to the mortal races. At least, not true gods. Many of the religions formed by the races of Asz are based on the scarce few encounters with the benevolent and malevolent entities from the other four dimensions.

- Vampires and Werewolves are rumored to exist. In truth, vampires and werewolves are cannibal cults that are believed to be Supernatural Entities by the rather dull common folk of Asz.

- That brings us to demons/angels. They exist, but they despise these titles, and refuse to acknowledge them. In truth, these beings come from other dimensions. Scarce few of these beings have been encountered, and those encountered take on wild forms foreign to Asz, and are often perceived as deities by the rather dull folk of Asz. So there is no solid information on their capabilities.

[i]"People are not simple. They cannot be summarized for easy reference in the manner of: 'The elves are a lithe, pointy eared people who excel at poverty.'"[/i]

Keeping this in mind, I will provide biased views of each of the races using material that exists within Asz.

[i]“The most divided of the races of Asz, there are many different tribes of humans. The dark-hued people of the Yngard rainforests, the pale-skinned people of the mountains of Agäd, and the almond-eyed folk of the Southern Marsh Lands encompass but a very small fraction of the humans of Asz. There are many groups, each with their own ideologies and governments. It is rumored they used to be ruled by one great human, though those days have since long passed, . Very few of the power-players of Asz are human, in truth, and there is nothing too special about them. They are, however, known for their fine silks and wines.”[/i]
[b]– Yrnir’s Guide to Foreign Cultures[/b]

[b]Elven Folk[/b]
[i]“Divided. Unorganized. Filthy. These words are commonly used to refer to the whole of those who call them Elven, or sometimes Mer, in their own tongues. Like the humans, there are many different kinds. Dark skinned, pale skinned, almond eyed, small, large, square, round, etcetera. Some of the Elven Folk even claim there are many subclasses, such as the Small Scrawny Elven Folk of the Western Tunnels of Ura, whom have developed curved swords and fast fighting techniques, and worship the Dead Gods of Camerätea. Or the Big Towering Giants of the Northern Taigas of Wilderghust, who excel at poetry and smashing people’s heads in with clubs the size of trees. Though these claims may sound false, I know you may be thinking ‘They’re all just knife-ears taking up our lands.’ And I agree with you.”[/i]
[b]– The Knife-Eared Folk[/b]

[i]“Syvgyet strong. Syvgyet like dark. Like damp. Like warm. Listen to queen. Disobey queen, outcast, usually burn in smith-fire. Meld metal, but not always. Claw strong. Outer bones strong. Why need steel? Protect outer bone? Sometimes make image of queen. Sometime make sharp claw. Other time make fake rock. Other time make tunnel pretty. Hear of small thing like not point ear live in our tunnel. Queen claim we all eats them. They made us strong. Their memory teach to use smith-fire. Small men with beard. Memory blurry. Syvgyet know tunnel well. Syvgyet call hive Syvgyat. Honor queen. Not so dark. Not so damp. But very warm. Greet tall point ears here. Trade. Meet tall not point ears here. Trade. Sometimes eat.”[/i]
[b]– Queen Paper (Translated for the Common Tongue)[/b]

[i]“Legends speak of small, stocky men that were masters when it came to forging things from steel. They lived beneath the crust, but one day, they vanished. That was when the Syvgyet appeared. It was sudden. They were better than the small stocky smiths at forging things from steel, so nobody really cared that they took over. According to the Syvgyet, those who did were eaten. Their large cities were definitely not built by them, perhaps there is truth to the claims in legends after all.” [/i]
[b]– Olenford’s Bestiary: Dwarves (Legends or Lost?)[/b]

[i]“Known as Imps by the common folk, the Ingyiit are feared by those that have not seen the vast cultured empires of the Ingyiit. Living in the abandoned tunnels that the Syvgyet refuse to inhabit, the Ingyiit folk share a rather close bond with the large bug-like Syvgyet. It is in the large caves that lie within the furthest reaches of the Syvgyet hive-lands, that the Ingyiit make their homes. Unlike what many of the common-folk choose to believe, the Ingyiit have cities that might as well be made of the finest gold ever known. And they are the only race that is truly united under one leader, to the common folk, he is referred to (jokingly) as the Imperor. The entire Ingyiit populace, however, is entirely male. Their rather common rate of mage children make them feared by the Common Folk, as well. They stand smaller than a child, and have small wings that are only strong enough to keep them always hovering slightly off the ground. The strongest of the Ingyiit are able to hover at eye-level with humans. They repopulate by kidnapping those who live on the surface and wander near their lands. They... take these captives and... forcibly mate with them, keeping the babes as their own. It is not necessarily known what they do with these captives after they outlive their usefulness."[/i]
[b]- Olenford’s Bestiary: Ingyiit[/b]

[i]"Referred to as 'Fairies' by the common races of Asz, Engyiit are small, winged, humanoid creatures which can be either male or female, and house a deep affinity for magic, a fact which makes them feared by the general populace. Their origins are unknown, but it is believed they hold some relation to the Ingyiit, the Imps; as they appeared in the world around the same time as one another. Unlike Imps, Faries are ruled by different monarch, based on the region in which they live. Fairies are also slightly smaller than Imps, and are weaker in terms of raw power. They do however have proficient healing capabilities which is caused by the Fairy dust they naturally produce, for this reason they are sometimes captured and used to create healing potions and other remedies, as these methods are deemed safer than raw healing magic. The other reason they are captured is to be used as forcible mates for Imps, in order to create more Imps, a reason why most if not all Fairies fear and avoid Imps.”[/i]
[b]- Olenford's Bestiary: Engyiit[/b]

[i]"Loyal. If one word describes the canine folk of the Koriki Deserts, it is indeed Loyal. They are loyal. Loyal to whom? To their living God, their pharaoh. Although, many tribes of the Hyünget exist, each swearing fealty to their own pharaohs, and even still, some of the Hyünget swear fealty to none other than each other. While not as divided as some of the other races, the Hyünget are still quite divided. Many disagree, and many of the tribes are at war with one another. Their cities are tribal in nature, and groups of Hyünget are constantly roaming, living lives as nomads. The Hyünget are fierce warriors, using their teeth, their claws, and anything they can to disable their enemy. They are generally very tall, standing above even the Syvgyet Drones (that is, of course, assuming the Syvgyet Drones are not standing to their full height, which they rarely do), and standing broader than the Wilderghust Elves. The Hyünget tribes are each different, from the wolf-men that follow Wox, to the jackal-people that follow Yun.”[/i]
[b]- Man’s Best Friends?[/b]

[i]“The avian folk that live high in the mountains of Agäd, the Aviars are few in number, but fierce warriors. It is said that they once had great wings that would allow them to touch the clouds. But they were stripped of their wings when the great clan- father broke a sacred oath that he had made. They believe they will touch the clouds once again, after the All-Father, returns from the heavens of Bught, where he is busy fighting a war. They train, as Warrior Monks high in their nests. Many of the Aviar people disagree with the ideals of the high monks, and so they flee to the lowlands, where they become sell-swords. They are hired rapidly, and known to be some of the best warriors around. It is said they are matched only by the Warrior-Monks known as Seekers, that seek those who flee to the lowlands, and dispose of them.”[/i]
[b]- The Natives of Agäd[/b]

[i]“Sometimes mistaken for various other small races by Humans, such as Ingyiit, Grimlins are a race composed of intelligent, mischevious and occasionally aggressive beings. Grimlins tend to vary in appearance - most are brown and furry, yet they can also come in red, blue, yellow and can even have an absence of fur. The Grimlins have a civilization which rival even the Ingyiit, and much like them, they seem to prefer their seclusion; not allowing entry to other races. Grimlins are renowned for their technological advances in comparison to other the other races of Asz. Some claim they have seen Grimlins use magic and machinery to create creatures made out of metal - but these are only rumours. The Grimlins are also organized in their civilization. Despite their single city, they have many remote compounds where research is done with impunity. All Grimlins answer to their one and only King, and yet no common Grimlin has ever had the opportunity see him; instead, there are four Grimlins which carry out his orders for him. They all specialize in their own forms of warfare and technological advancements; they are known as The Dominion of Nu’un, and have been known to individually test their inventions on nearby settlements...” [/i]
[b]- Tinkerers of Asz[/b]

[i]“Said to inhabit the Southern Marsh Lands, the Hissra are the reptillian, and amphibian, natives of the Marsh Lands that are a mystery to many. Not much is known about the Hissra, the tribes are numerous and divided. Many of the Hissra folk never leave the Southern Marsh Lands, and of those, even fewer still speak the Common Tongue. Of the known tribes, that have proven cooperative, there exists a very large variety of folk. There are the Komodo, that use their filth against their foes. There are the Frog-folk of the Sacred Bog, who are known for their beautiful songs. On the borders between the Southern Marsh Lands and the Eastern Koriki Desert, there are the numerous tribes of Crocodile Men that have bonded with different tribes of the Hyünget. As well as the Naga, the snake-men that are the center piece in many of the ancient Hyünget legends. Though, these are but a few of the many tribes that exist in the Southern Marsh Lands, the Hissra are a mystery. Their very name, Hissra, means illusion in one of the many tongues of Asz.”[/i]
[b]- Imagination, Illusion, or Isolated?[/b]

[b]Tales of Asz[/b]
[i]“It is said, that there exists good and evil in the world. The truth is, there is no such thing. The world is neither black, nor white. It is just grey. Times long since past have told tales of Saintly Kings, and Devious Tyrants. Of blood turning against blood. Of Magic, used for good. Of Magic, persecuted. But, perhaps the most grand tale of Asz, is the one of the Shapeshifting Witch known as Avaesta Agäd. It is said that at a time where mages were not so feared as they are today, that a terrible tyrant ruled the entirety of Asz from the highest peaks of the Agäd mountains. He held many people as slaves, executing those too old or inept to work. Even killing babes at their mother’s teat because they were nothing more than distractions. It was an event like this, some say she had her babe killed before her eyes, others say her husband was executed because he spoke out against the tyrant, but the truth is hidden beneath numerous legends. But, regardless, Avaesta undertook a ritual that bound her blood to that of a wolf’s. She transformed into a creature, unlike any seen before. She struck terror into the hearts of men, and single-handedly killed the tyrant and his army. As she took the throne, she ruled so strictly that the previous tyrant looked like a saint in comparison. Of course, this is just legend, and much of it is gathered from the proud pale-skinned folk of the mountains of Agäd. It is said, this is the event that lead to the persecution of mages.

And rightly so.”[/i]

[b]The Chronicles[/b]

The Chronicles of Asz
[i]“According to legends, twice has Asz been conquered by one person. Once by the tyrant known as Inoth, and again by the Shapeshifting Witch of Agäd. It is said that the people of Asz had to unite to end the Witch’s reign of terror, and it is said that the mightiest of warriors rode in on Dragons to burn her kingdom to ashes. According to legends, the Shapeshifting Witch was also the mother of lycanthropy, a vampire, and a demon all in one. This is nonsense, if you ask anyone who’s not a dull commoner. But still, each story has a kernel of truth lying at its heart. And it is quite possible that the Witch of Agäd was real. Whether or not she was actually a mage, or made a pact with a demon, is highly questionable. Whether or not the land of Asz was ever ruled by a single person is also highly questionable. But still, we know that there were in fact great heroes that burned kingdoms to the ground. Whether or not they did this on the backs of dragons is unknown, but it is possible, seeing as many of these legends date to a time before we wrote down history. What is known, for a fact, is that many good folk have died. Many bad folk, have died. Mages once ruled the lands, and now they are hunted like the vermin they are. This book aims to alleviate many of the common fears of the common folk.”[/i]

[b]The All-Father, Bught, and Asz[/b]
[i]“The All-Father came from Bught. He taught us what it was like to fly. We soared above Asz with the him. But when greed took our king, and he broke a sacred oath, we lost our wings. We dishonored the All-Father, and so, he took our wings. He cast us to the ground, the greatest dishonor of all. Still, he allowed us to be close to him. He created the peaks of Agäd, so we may stay close to our rightful home. He returned to Bught after that. He had no more time left on Asz. And so, we have devoted ourselves to keeping our vows, hoping to restore our honor. We hope that one day he will show kindness, and grant us wings once more. But the sell-swords bring dishonor to us, so we must appease the All-Father by sending our Seekers after them. When the time is right, we will soar above Asz once more. And perhaps, one day, the All-Father will take us to Bught.”[/i]

[b]The Five Dimensions[/b]
[i]“Asz, Bught, Tikts, Beughbks, Dyix. The five dimensions known to us. Of our world, we know little. Of the other four, we know nothing. It is said much of the world of Asz is the result of the collision of these four dimensions, and that is why we lie in the center. But, it is possible we perceive only a fraction of a fraction of a fraction and a hundred times more, of the truth. In fact, it is likely that this is the case. We may be on the outskirts, we may not. We will never truly know. But we will continue to seek the truth. It is a shame that most mages are killed as babes, for some of them may come close to unravelling the secrets. Ancient texts from the days of the Templar Imperium suggest that they kept Maguses as captives, and used them to research. The Witch-Hunters served as prison guards, keeping them silenced unless absolutely necessary. It is from these ancient texts we gather most of our reliable information.
Sometimes, however, a tear is witnessed. A phenomenon most likely caused by the misuse of magic by the beings that exist beyond our scope of visibility. We know they exist, for some of them have been witnessed here among us, sometimes taking forms of vile nightmarish beasts, and other times taking the form of a saint. But the truth is, we are ignorant to the infinite possibilities that exist before us. So we must strive to learn all we can about the five dimensions which exist.”[/i]

[b]Daemons, Vampires, and Lycanthropes[/b]
[i]“It is whispered that there exists beasts that prowl the darkness at night. Demons, spiritual beings from the four dimensions that surround and envelop Asz. Vampires, blood-sucking fiends that infect others like a sort of plague. Lycanthropes, who are said to transform into beasts when the moon is full. But the truth, is that none of these exist. Demons are beings from the four other dimensions, yes, but seldom are they here long enough to terrorize a single man, let alone an entire generation of family. Vampires are but mere men, and the legend takes root in the times of old, when magic was not as feared as today. Blood mages who would use the blood of living entities were said to take their blood at night, but now they are little more than cannibals that enjoy the taste of death. The story of Lycanthropes most likely takes root with the Shapeshifting Witch of Agäd, and her ascent to power. But seeing as how most of that tale is fictitious at best, actual Lycanthropes likely never existed. Like the cannibal-cults that the common-folk claim to be vampires, the common-folk believe the same cults to be Lycanthropes. But the truth is, none of these things exist. If they did, they most likely share the same fate as the long-dead Dragons.”[/i]

[b]The Fear of Magic[/b]
[i]“Many people look upon mages as vile creatures, and for good reason. Those born without a tendency towards the arcane arts are often oppressed when mages are in power. It is this fear that drives them to the extremes we see today. Many believe it was the Shapeshifting Witch of Agäd who threw the world into a state of fear towards the arcane, but I do not believe so. I believe the legends are wrong, and that the witch did not free any and then become twisted by her wolf’s-blood and warped into the tyrant they say she was. I believe she was the tyrant to begin with, and she oppressed those without magical talents. It was her that burned down the nests of the Seekers of the Aviar people, and it was her that gave birth to the Witch-Hunter known as Grandmaster Vengeance the First. It is not officially publicated in their records, but I believe the order of Witch-Hunters freed us from oppression. I do not believe that the great Vengeance was defeated by a group of weak mages. No, I believe the Seeker trained an army, not much unlike Reem’s Ten. They were a small force in comparison, for each Witch-Hunter was at least one hundred mages. But, very few of those mages had thought it possible that they be silenced through the sheer force of the Witch-Hunters’ Will. One by one, the mages fell, and for each thousand mages, one Witch-Hunter fell. When it was just Vengeance, he was exhausted. But still, he remained focused. His will was steel, no, it was better than that. He exchanged blows with the Shapeshifting witch, and eventually beheaded her, before allowing himself to fall alongside his companions. He had been beaten. bloodied, and crushed into little more than paste. But as he fell, the apprentice he had groomed knew what had to be done. They would earn no glory, they would rule no lands, they would be a neutral party. They would have one purpose. And that would be to dispose of all those mages who had not been executed as babes.”[/i]

[b]The Disappearance of Dragons[/b]
[i]“In the cave paintings that exist in the mountains of Agäd, there are murals of men clad in armor made of gold, atop strange scaled beasts. The local pale-skinned people refer to them as ‘Dragons’, a word originating in the dead tongue of Akaor, meaning ‘Winged Terror’. These murals depict the beasts breathing large fires, burning entire nations to the ground. But as one progresses further into the cave, the murals take on a darker tone. Eventually the golden figures disappear from the dragons, and the dragons take on a crazed, almost malnourished look. The next painting shows bones. And the painting after that shows dust. Within the furthest bowels of the cave of Aluvi, is a large pile of dust, or maybe it is ash. But it is known that the dust still burns warm with the heat of whatever fathered it. Many experts have studied the ashes, and they match nothing known within the land of Asz. The very rare dragon bone has appeared from time to time, mostly fraudulent, but sometimes, it is the real deal. And from what has been observed, the ashes in the cave of Aluvi are those of dragons long since dead. Even the distant cousins of the Dragons, named ‘Drakes’ (meaning ‘Winged Beast’ in ancient Akaor), which were commonly mistaken for dragons, have turned to little more than bleached bones.”[/i]

[b]The Witch-Hunters[/b]
[i]“Mages are filthy creatures that are better torn from the teat of their mothers and executed before they worm their way into society and corrupt the minds of the people. It is for this reason, the Witch-Hunters exist. Taking origin in the then-small lakeside town of Anumog, the Witch-Hunters were founded by the Seeker Sqreenas, who descended from the mountains of Agäd after his nest, along with his family, were burned alive by mages in the days of old, when magic was common-place. Scarred, and with the ever hungry fire of vengeance burning in his youthful heart, Sqreenas improved upon his abilities that he was taught by the Seekers of the Aviar. He did not run away, and was in fact presumed dead by the Aviar Monks, and so none stopped him. He turned the Seeker’s tracking and fighting style into one that could kill the vile creatures he hated most. He spent years perfecting the art, even taking an apprentice, should anything happen to him. He called himself a Witch-Hunter, and refused to turn to magic to hunt the vile mages. Instead, he honed the abilities he was taught as a Seeker. He improved them. And he mastered them over and over again, until at last, he was able to silence all magic through sheer force of will. For a normal man, it would break his feeble mind, sending him over the edge and into a comatose state… or worse. But for a Seeker, it was just barely tolerable, with the fire of youth and vengeance burning strong. And for those who knew nothing but Witch-Hunting, it was second nature. It is said that Sqreenas abandoned the name given by the Seekers, and took one of his own. He called himself Vengeance, and hunted the mages that burned him and his nest-mates. They put up a fight, even after being silenced through Vengeance’s sheer force of will, and eventually they fell. Vengeance sustained fatal injuries, but every last one of them died by his hand. And when his apprentice found him, he was still standing, his eyes closed, and a smile on his beak.” [/i]

[b]Paladin Reem and the Order of Ten[/b]
[i]“The Order of Ten was founded long ago by the ‘Paladin’ Reem. What God he served, and why, remains unknown, for his bones have long turned to dust in his ancient grave, and his holy weapons nothing more than piles of metallic dust. What is know, however, is that Paladin Reem was a great warrior, fierce, strong, valiant, and worthy of following. It was he, and his band of ten warriors, that founded the Templar Imperium, which has long since faded into nothing more than a setting in tales told by bards. But, before it faded, it was said the Templar Imperium conquered much of the known world of Asz, and it was because of Reem and his ten companions, that this was accomplished. It was said that Paladin Reem had learned how to tame the Winged Terrors that haunted Asz in Mythic Times. It is said, that it was on the backs of these fire breathing monstrosities, that they made each opposing man bend knee to the Order of Ten, and thus to the Templar Imperium. It was said that they rode into battle when all seemed lost, clad in the golden armor forged by the Dwarven Forge-Masters, before they were driven to extinction by the Styvgyet. Alone, the ten held off an army of thousands. And at the end of the night, they stood, unscratched. Eventually, it is said, Reem took his companions, and left Asz entirely, returning to the dimension that the Dragons supposedly came from in legends older than even this one.”[/i]

The Wilderghüst Taigas exist within the northern lands of Asz. They’re very cold. Also home to many of the larger races.
[u]Coulde Canyon[/u]
A large canyon that contains dozens of cities that have formed a sort of “mega-city”.
A city that exists within the large sprawling taiga, Frost-faith is a city founded by the religious (and some say zealous) Grund elves, who are one of the few that accept the Gods of Crasu
[u]Dread-Dream Wastes[/u]
As the name suggests, the Dread-Dream Wastes are a vile place in the taigas of Wilderghüst. A place devoid of any natural life, many people believe it was the site of an ancient battle, or even the place where “transients” appear in the world.[/i]

[b]The Spine[/b]
[i]The Spine is the mountain range that cuts through Asz, starting in the taigas of Wilderghüst and ending at the border between the Koriki Deserts and Southern Marsh Lands.
[u]Mount Agäd[/u]
A mountain that houses the capital of the Aviar, the Agäd Tribe of Humans (whom are descended from the witch Avaesta), and the Agäd Elves, whom like most elves, are fierce barbarians not to be trifled with. Each of these peoples have their capital cities located on the large mountain, with the Aviar claiming the highest peak, and the elves at the lowest.
[u]Mount Cieak’p[/u]
A peculiar mountain which is the subject of talk by cartographers and shit, because of the large amount of holes and tunnels which run through the mountain itself. How these holes were created are unknown, and are open to debate, but the natives of Asz are unable to come up with any logical explanations. What is known is the fact that there are a large number of cannibals living in these tunnels, they show no remorse nor compassion towards outsider; and deserve no mercy.
[u]Mount Heotear[/u]
As the name suggests, Mt. Heotear is extremely dangerous due to it’s constant hot atmosphere. The mountain itself is a volcano which is constantly trickling magma. To make matters worse, vents in the mountain allow for poisonous gases to seep from the volcano, slowly killing anyone who dare traverse these burning wastes.
[u]Shivering Peak[/u]
A mountain which, as the name suggests - is cold. There is very little reason to live here, as the frigid atmosphere and lack of food result in short work of most of the races in Asz, however, there is word of many different kinds of lost treasures there; protected by the mountain’s cold climate.[/i]

[b]Southern Marsh Lands[/b]
[i]The Southern Marsh Lands are largely unmapped, and what few villages are known are small uninteresting dots on maps. The Southern Marsh Lands are inhabited by many strange and seemingly unnatural beasts, from the Crocodile Men that ally themselves with the Hyüngyet to the Giant Winged Snakes that are known for terrorizing the smaller tribes.[/i]

[b]Koriki Deserts[/b]
[i]Lying to the East are the Deserts of Koriki, home to nomad tribes of the Hyünget.
The Koriki Deserts are home to nomads, and as such, there are not many cities. And even those who do settle down in one place are massacred and/or absorbed into one of the larger nomad tribes. Hyngrot is a small city, but is known as the trading capital of the Koriki Deserts.[/i]

[b]Lake Anumog[/b]
[i]A large lake located directly above Syvgyut, Lake Anumog is Witch-Hunter territory, and they crack down on those who break the law, and those who show even a little magical ability.
Anumog is the largest city at Lake Anumog, but it is not even half the size of Coulde Canyon. It is home to the Witch-Hunters, and many other smaller factions.
A small farming community. Only on maps because it’s not small. It’s big.
A large tavern-town. All that exists here is taverns. Great for drinking.[/i]

[b]Yriack Caverns[/b]
[i][u]The Den[/u]
A large cavern that stretches far and wide. It earns the name “The Den” due to the fact that it appears to have once been a large dragon den. This has been the source of all information about dragons. This cave was opened to the general public, and a recent invasion has made The Den into the capital of the Grimlin empire.
[u]The Hollow Holes[/u]
A large sprawling cavern network, this is the only way to enter The Den. The long passages are riddled with countless Grimlin outposts to ensure none reach the heart of their empire. The Hollow Holes also connect to Olenford’s Openings in numerous places.
[u]Melted Ceiling Cove[/u]
Melted Ceiling Cove is not actually within the Yriack caverns. It’s not even a cove. The area earns its name due to a tavern that once existed there, but does no longer. Thank the Grimlins for that. Melted Ceiling Cove settlement is located above The Den, and it is believed that this settlement is where the Grimlins test out their weaponry. This claim is supported by the amount of settlements that have been bombarded in the area.[/i]

[b]Olenford’s Openings[/b]
The “face” of the Syvgyet empire, few save the Ingyiit have been further than this face, this serves as THE place to get reliable arms and armor. It’s also large. But you should only visit, because the Syvgyet get rather hungry.
Really just a mine so the Syvgyat have something to do.
Where the queen of the Syvgyet lives, the “nursery” of the Syvgyet hive. Only the Syvgyet know how to get there without being eaten alive.
Where the lava flows, and the magic happens. By magic, I mean smithing.
The beautiful capital of the Ingyiit people, Iingrot is located within the depths of Olenford’s Openings. The beautiful city encompasses the entirety of the cave. The buildings line even the walls of this huge cave. In the center, exists the Emperor’s Palace, arranged in a circular manner, with a tower that stretches to the top of the cave. At the top of the tower, a structure mimicking that of the bottom one stretches out.[/i]

[i][b]Character Sheet[/b][/i]
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. “Thou who art undead, art chosen.”

. Mages will be treated worse than the dirt beneath our feet. There is no way around this as the Witch-Hunters teach everyone immunity to charms free of charge.

. God-modding, meta-gaming, etc. will earn you a ban. No second chances.

. Break my lore and I break you. If you’re not sure if something breaks lore, ask.

.Poke and I are the ballin' one's you gotta listen to.[/size]

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08/12/2014 10:19 pm
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such is life
08/12/2014 10:14 pm
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08/12/2014 10:09 pm
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Don't think so, specially not with rabiez friendz gonez.
08/12/2014 9:55 pm
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So is this not going to happen.

(Sorry for triple post.)
08/04/2014 12:12 am
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*pokes with a stick*
07/30/2014 12:26 am
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Well, there are a few things people can use to start off.
There's the obvious Witch-Hunter/Mage conflict.
There's the conflict That I may or may not have forgotten to mention between the three races living on Agäd. Though it's more of a "we're running out of space so someone's gotta move out" type of deal.
There's the clash between most of the Hyüngyet tribes.
There's the many, many, many cannibal cults that people would probably pay to get rid of.
There's a few more, but those are the ones that immediately came to mind.

As for the IC, I'll probably make it after the next one or two applications. Or after Poke gets back. Whichever comes first.
07/30/2014 12:49 am
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NorthernGamR avatar
Actually now that you have pointed these things out some more they may work for the moment. But of course before I do anything I am without a DOUBT going to Tavern town.

Also, someone else app please.... I need this to be up D:
07/30/2014 12:14 am
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If you seriously are wanting us to make up the world as we go through character interaction and stuff maybe, instead of making a direct plot quest type thing, just give us small little things to start us off. And let us go from there.

Also, how many people are you going to wait for to app before you make the IC? I'm excited and have too much free-time right now.
07/29/2014 11:50 pm
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iHazRabiez avatar
>mfw I forget an age section.
Anyways, I do like your character. So I'll go ahead and let ya through.

Also, I've been thinking about a few potential plot points. Whilst I am still against having an actual plot to guide people along, if you guys want, I suppose I can see about actually writing up a plot. I did plan Asz around potential character interaction, which is why a lot of the stuff I have written up is rather vague. There's also a ton of stuff that I erased because I felt it was too vague and didn't have the energy to write more.
07/29/2014 3:02 pm
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Name: Peryn Maithdien
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good(?) (I think this fits him the most.)
Occupation: Farmhand
Abilities: Rather well built from working the fields, his hobby when not working is reading, so he has a higher intellect then most "common folk". Can be seen as intimidating at times.
Appearance: He has a rigid tanned face, hazels eyes topped with thick eyebrows, long brown hair tied back in a with a knot, and a slight stubble beginning to grow on his face. He stands at six feet tall, and weighs around 150 pounds. Usually the only clothes he can be found in due to his family's little wealth are a tunic and pants made of clothe. (Also, since there is no age area for the apps. I'm just gonna say here that he is 22.)
Biography: The Maithdien family was of little wealth or status, only owning a small farm on the outer-lands of Sorin. But they survived. Peryin's mother Ari would always chalk it down to luck that they had rarely ever had a bad harvest, or that they had never been attacked by bandits or the like. His father Datin would always joke that it was because the scum knew to run from Ari.

Already at the age of twelve Peryn had surpassed most the town-children in size. Being so, he was often the mediator between the other kids. Whenever there was an accusation that someone had stolen someone else's sweet-roll, or some random argument over who won some sort of game. Peryn would be the one to stop the fighting. Usually whatever conclusion he came to the other children would agree, lest they suffer a lengthy glare from Peryn that would make the bravest of adventuring child tremble. But this is not to mean Peryn was ever cruel or mean, he always did his best to be just in his judgements. He knew how serious having your sweat-rolls stolen could be.

To be honest for all the reading Peryn did he really didn't know what to think about magic, witch-hunters, and all that stuff. He didn't know where to stand when it came to all the killing because of magic. He didn't like the idea of killing babies and children and whoever had magic against their will... But at the same time, he was afraid of the danger. He didn't know what to think or to feel.. But he did know the stories about Avaesta Agäd and the like scared him deeply. However, Peryn's thoughts on these matters changed for the better, but in the saddest of ways.

It started out so happily, he had just turned 22 and his parents came to him with such wondrous news. His mother, Ari, was with child! Peryn was joyous, a sibling! Peryn knew he would care for his brother or sister with everything in him, he couldn't wait to help teach them how to read and farm. After months of waiting, Ari gave birth to a young girl. But this sadly, is where everything begins to go wrong. His little sister, Bridgen, as they had decided to call her.. Was gifted, or nay, as some would say, Cursed with magic. Ari, Datin, and Peryn tried their best to hide it, they really did.. Now that it was his little sister who was in threat of death over such a thing as magic. Peryn knew exactly where he stood. But in the end, it was all for naught.. A Witch-hunter had found out their secret.

It happened on a Sunday, ironic in a morbid sense, considering that in some religions it is a holy day. It had started with a knock on a wooden door, it seemed innocent at the time, but that knock led to what Peryn will always remember as the worst day of his life. Ari was the one to answer, Peryn was in his small bedroom reading while his father was out in town. He could remember hearing the door creak open from his room, and a gravely voice say something to Ari... Peryn wasn't sure what, but afterwards he could imagine what it more than likely was. At first Ari had remained calm, trying to tell Hunter that he was mistaken, but the man would have none of it. Peryn could hear his Mother's voice become more and more frantic as she tried to get the Hunter leave, so this in turn made him leave his room to go to the common area to see what was happening. He was not pleased with what he found. A man, another human, was pushing aside Ari as she feebly clutched to his arm and begged him to leave. When Peryn asked forcefully what was going on, the reply made his stomach turn. "There is a plague in this house. I'm here to remove it." The man had spoken without remorse. Peryn didn't need to think hard about what the man meant.. He was calling Bridgen a plague, acting like she was just a rat that needed to be killed. He was talking about a child! His little sister! Peryn wouldn't have this. His sword was mounted on the wall behind him, he had never seen the need for such a thing, but his father told him that it was best to be safe at the time. Now Peryn couldn't agree more. He had lunged for the sword, whirling around once he felt the leather grip meet his hand, and he charged. Peryn didn't stand a chance, he had never trained extensively with a weapon, and even if he had it wouldn't of made much of a difference. After a fight that lasted all of fifteen seconds, the man knocked Peryn unconscious with the butt of his hilt. The Hunter then walked to Bridgen's crib, finished his business.... And left with Peryn in shackles.

Now Peryn is being transported to Anumog where he will be held under trial for attacking a Witch-hunter. He does not know if his parents were left alive or what his fate will be, all he knows is that he failed his baby sister... She would never grow up, he would never hear her speak or see her play as children do.... She was gone.. And it was his fault.
Other:So I honestly did my best with keeping the lore straight. If I messed anything please just tell me and I will happily fix it.
07/28/2014 12:04 pm
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Toxic, or should I say 'loopo' how many alts do you have now?
07/28/2014 2:33 am
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07/27/2014 11:05 pm
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I think liberty is cool.
07/27/2014 11:02 pm
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I think some plot may be good. Frankly, giving us this much space to run around is asking for trouble. It'll be hard for anyone of us to interact a lot if I'm in say the Taiga area and everyone else is in the desert.
07/27/2014 10:49 pm
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This roleplay scares me.
07/27/2014 10:46 pm
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iHazRabiez avatar
I'll put this edit at the top.
Deth_Glitch: I don't have any major problems with your app, but I do have a small irk. I assume the dragon you mention in your app is dead. As long as that's the case, I guess it's fine. Also I'm not back. topkek
Thebubbaman2800: I'll start by saying this. I do not like it when people posts incomplete applications on my roleplays. But your application doesn't have any significant errors, so I'll let ya pass.
cd_orange: I have one huge problem with your application. The whole "7 seconds into the future" is something that I would rather you not have. Ditch that, and you're fine.

Asz is a free-roam roleplay that I hope will revolve around character interaction. Of course, if need be I guess I can... make plot points to give people something to do. But only if there's a demand. It's an experiment, really. Think of yourselves as guinea pigs.

I'll read over the apps here in a second.
07/27/2014 8:15 pm
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Korigon avatar
Will apply soon. Forgive me if I'm too blind to notice a part of this - What's the point of the roleplay? You've made the races and places quite nicely, but I don't see the plot or anything.
07/27/2014 1:56 pm
Level 21 : Expert Scribe
NorthernGamR avatar
Well this world is..... Cheery..... And.. Yeah.. I may app if I get over how intimidated I am right now
07/27/2014 2:30 am
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Sorry, I was doing other stuff for awhile. But hey! I posted on the IC forum...
07/27/2014 2:13 am
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Oh, Hey CD.
07/27/2014 1:21 am
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Name: Pavel Sukhoi
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Mercenary
Abilities: Skilled swordsman, posses large amounts of stamina, fast runner, excellent horse rider.
Click to reveal

Biography: Pavel was born to the Kazak Clan who dwell in the frozen lands of Wilderghüst. The Kazaks are known to be skilled warriors on powerful steads who are known to overcome even the largest of armies. Many stories are told of them being fierce, cold hearted warriors who symbolize the unforgiving cold of Wilderghüst. People who wander in Wilderghüst, often be wary of sightings of Kazaks. For the Kazaks leave only a trail of mangled corpses and looted wagons. Rarely has anyone actually seen a Kazak, many sightings of Kazaks are just hallucinations caused by fear of actually meeting them. In the past, the Kazaks were a group of ethnic human nomads who wandered the region of Wilderghüst. They were known to be a very warrior culture and often murdered outsiders who came too close the settlement or was suspicious. Today, they function more as a Guild. Most travelers who meet them are often killed but those who successful in resisting them or show potential are offered to join the clan. Being part of the Kazak Clan is often a great secret, to preserve the culture, traditions and heritage of the Kazak Clan. There are very few ethnic Kazaks left, most of the Kazak Clan are 'honorary Kazaks'. Most of remaining the ethnic Kazaks have kept the blood between ethnic Kazaks, but those who mate with non-Kazaks are looked down upon by the ethnic Kazaks. Those of non-pure blood are often looked down upon by the ethnic Kazaks.
While boys at his age were learning to walk, Pavel was learning to ride a horse. The bond between a Kazak and his horse is sacred in Kazak Culture. By childhood, Pavel was riding horses and training with a sword. At a young age, he realized that he was better than his peers at swordsmanship and often could defeat them in duels in less than 2 minutes. He passed the Trials with astonishing speed, by teenage years he was already participating in the raids. At young adulthood, he followed tradition and spent a few years wandering the land to hone his skills as a warrior. However the usual time for this is about 5 years in wandering, the longest being 7 years. After the years of honing, you are expected to return back to the Clan. Pavel has not returned home since 18, the earliest age to start the years of wandering. For these 14 years, Pavel has been wandering the land as a mercenary. The initial reason for continuing this journey has long been gone from his memory. But he wanders the land, searching for glory or a reason to return back to his native homeland.
Other: Privet.
07/26/2014 10:30 pm
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Thebubbaman2800 avatar
Lawful Neutral
Battle Scholar
Intellect, Skilled Swordplay, Race-Specific Abilities (Claws and Teeth), Some Mercantile Skill
Wolf headed, fur dark as night, jade eyes, wears the robes of a scribe, but the sword of a warrior
The Koriki Deserts are cruel and one can easily be beaten down by the sun and the sand. When you live in the sands, you get used to all things turning to dust. You have your tribe and you keep moving. But the larger tribes of the deserts are ruthless and unforgiving. They swooped down on Karth's tribes when he was young and that's when everything changed. They killed the tribe's best warriors and those still alive were assimilated into the larger tribe. Women too old to be mated were slaughtered and the rest were taken to be married off as prizes. Karth was young then, and he turned and ran. He kept going through the desert for days until he collapsed in the sand. He rolled over, finally accepting death, and then it began to rain. There was a torrential downpour. The heavens opened up on this day and Karth drank from the sky and kept going. He stumbled upon a caravan heading through the desert which had been caught in the sands by the rain. Karth had gone days if not weeks with out food and only now did he get more water. He lost it and killed the entire caravan in a fit of fury. After helping himself to the caravan's rations and goods, he continued through the desert wearing a dead man's robes and made it to Hyngrot. It was not accommodating to most who were in a lesser tribe. It was even less accommodating for a tribeless Hyünget who just wandered in through the desert. He was turned away from the city and all he had left were some rations and gold from the caravan. It took him out of the desert at least, where he became a sellsword and traversed the world selling his services.
07/26/2014 10:27 pm
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I will apply. Welcome back.
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Darroc Dracos

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Occupation: First Commander of the Knights of the Red Dragon
Abilities: Tactically minded, he is adept at swordplay and can think politically.
Biography: Darroc was the first son of First Commander Richard Dracos and thus was expected to become a Commander himself. Being of the linage Dracos he was a favorite to be First Commander but knew he would have to prove himself to both the High Commander and the King. As a born and christened Knight it was known by all his future would be decided by the council before his nineteenth birthday.

Before I continue, let me tell you a little about the Order of Knights who's only resemblance of a deity was a Red Dragon.
Chapter Six 'Hidden Knights' of the Book of Spine SecretsThe Knights can be found in a strong mountain hold hidden amongst the Spine and built out of hulking great slabs of stone and, while no one knows exactly how they were shaped and transported, may myths and legends exist to try and explain it. Back in the Age when Dragons walked among men freely, the Knights know that many were wild and animalistic but one differed, she was a large, ruby red, dragon and had a more noble and ordered. Not much else is known, of course, but that she came across a wander, or he her, and helped him. They communicated basically, like a master and his loyal dog, thought neither knew who was master and who dog. Some more of the story exists, talking of valor and nobility and honor, all core elements of the Order. But one virtue is held in esteem higher then the others, Loyalty. For to be a Knight is to be Loyal to the Red Dragon, so that she will have a force of order and law-bringers to welcome her when she returns to this world. The Knights roles, ranks and station are all decided by the Council, the Council being a group of the eldest and wisest Knights who are too old to serve with blade and bow and instead use their experience and knowledge to guide the order and Advise the King. In reality the Council rule the Knights, but officially the King rules, his power rivaled only by that of the High Commander, The Military leader of the Order. To be a Knight does not necessarily mean you must fight, a Blacksmith is a Knight as is a Hunter. To be a Knight is to be a part of the Orders fighting forces, be it directly or otherwise. There are strict rules on who may be a Knight and these are, A Knight must be: Human, Male, enlisted before the age of twenty-six and born in the orders land. Their Father must also have been born in their lands.

Knowing what was expected of him he sook hard to fill expectation. He trained hard and was pushed even harder by his family to be the prefect heir to the Family Titles. He was second to non of his peers in the art of swordplay and could talk his way through nearly all situations. As he was expected to be a Commander he was taught the fine art of tactics and drilled into a man who could bark his orders so that even the most weary old man would snap to attention. And he spent all morning sparing with the best swordsmen in the Order, his evenings were filled with politics, books and the social acceptances that would come with the Family titles when his father passed to the lands of the Great Dragon. In his own time he learned about tactics and experimented with his own.

All this hard work pushed him, It didn't make him smart or intelligent. The constant reading expanded his understanding and the endless sparing made him fatal with a blade. He was even a tactical masterclass. But today, one month before his nineteenth birthday, he was to find out his Rank and his Role as a Knight. The council in their long robes, worn and tattered convened on the King and in hushed discussion talked at length about why he would fit each Role and which one they proposed. Then, suddenly, an old and wizened creature in a long gray cloak that looked as though it once held richer colour, stepped forward to stand next to Darroc and announced "The Great Dragon has discussed her wishes for this Knight to be though the tongues of the Council!" He commanded before casually walking off to get on with more important business. The King then seperated from the Council and climbed some steps, to his raised dias and beamed "The Great Dragon expressed her wishes and so you will be a Commander!" with a quick and friendly smile to his favorite nephew as the council, too, pissed off to get on with no doubt more important business. Looking at this from the side the High Commander stepped forward and said "With you Role in mind, your Rank with be that of First Commander and you will Take Charge of the First Command!" He boomed with a brief smile and a nod before turning back to his massed Commanders.

After some years of filling his duty to the letter, aged twenty-four, Darroc talked with the Council and the King of traveling beyond the kingdoms borders to seek understanding and to see if he could find himself. As it was not uncommon for Knights to take a few months leave they accepted, but in regard to his Rank and Role ordered him to take one man from his Own Command (Which would be temporarily lead by his second in command) who would serve and protect him. He took a purse of gold and some basic necessities like food and water and said his farewells, kissing his love and embracing his mother, sisters and brother before giving his father a knowing nod. With a last embrace to his sweetheart, he set off down a long trek out of the Spine and to the world beyond.
Other:Do tell me if anything must be changed, I will be happy (Or not, depending on the size of change) do to so.
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