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little minecraft ideas !

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created 03/06/2018 1:47 pm by zlelex76
last reply 03/07/2018 9:00 am
this forum consist to create news farm,mods,texture packs, and very more things :)

cordially zlelex74.
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2 replies

03/07/2018 9:00 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Pig
i have a idea of game in minecraft ! im the first so no plagiarism.

you spawn in a limited zone and you need to stuff to go to the bottom of a hole filled with water
03/06/2018 1:48 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Pig

hi guys i have a fish farm idea !

i have a farm idea for fish !

i dont have image for the farm so i tell you the functionnement
1-place magma blocks at the ground and create a cage around it(place it on the deep of a ocean)
2-wait fish spawning
3-automate the farm(im not a good redstoner)
4-is finish !

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