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Need help getting MCedit to save my 1.8 world onto java 1.13.2

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created 11/15/2018 2:28 am by brobie1kanobi
last reply 12/06/2018 2:52 pm
I am having trouble getting my PE world to load into a new world on Java. I have successfully converted it as far as MC Edit is concerned with MCC Tool Chest PE. In MC Edit, just blue and white squares load in the camera view, but in the minimap, the NBT tree AND the 'over' view tab all show the world and info for the one I'm trying to copy TO the map like it's all there. Now if I "select all", it will show shadows as if everything loaded as it should, but nothing shows up in the world. I've DL'd the newest C++ for my pc and still nothing. I don't know if it's because of having been origanlly built on xbox (better together crap/ pre porting to "Bedrock") but I am able to open it with Win 10 edition (and obviously PE) but for the life of me can't get MC Edit to save it on the world (and yes i hit "save".. XD). Sorry in advance for the life story, just wanted to convey all the steps I've taken and my results.
Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!
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11/29/2018 6:17 pm
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MCEdit is only compatible with the Java 1.12.2 Version and back (Officially 1.11, but it can read 1.12 worlds, making 1.12 new content as Pink blocks while in the editor due to not having an assigned vanilla value in it's knowledgebase) The developers have not developed a stable official 1.13+ variant yet as the format in which Minecraft reads data and worlds was changed with 1.13 (Some re-written from scratch). This means the new formula would need to be decoded by the MCEdit developer and implemented in MCEdit, which is time consuming.

On the official MCEdit website (Click Meh!), it even states by the creator what versions it is and is not meant for. Their last official update to a MCEdit variant program was Janurary 24 2017 (Which was to update MCEdit's database for Java 1.11.2), so as far as I can tell, MCEdit won't officially be updated again anytime soon.

The developer codewarrior/Podshot has an unstable 1.13 variant available that can be found here (Click Meh!) (Last updated 23 days ago). I would strongly recommend you create backup copies of your Java Worlds should you choose to use this.

Also bear in mind that MCEdit is not compatible at all with db file format of Pocket Edition and Bedrock Edition Worlds, so it cannot save them if it manages to open them. Additionally, the latest official Bedrock Edition release is 1.7.1, so if you're trying to convert Beta content over to another version that is clearly not in Beta (This case Beta for 1.14), it definately will not work. It most likely wouldn't work if both were in Beta as it is not official vanilla content yet, though you can try.

Hope this helps and have a nice day now.
12/06/2018 2:52 pm
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Thanks for the response and yes, after many days of research I was able to come across that too. :( But I was able to convert my 1.7 Bedrock map to a 1.12 Java map via the MCC Tool Chest program. It doesn't copy over block data like commands set in cmd blocks, but it brought most everything else over except fence posts. Those were just missing.. Other than that, I was able to do what I was trying to do with a lot of trial and error. Again, thank you for your input. It would have been helpful had I came back and checked this thread sooner.. -_- lol




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