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Bad fps on MC on PC with 1080

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created 11/20/2018 4:30 pm by rat-dog
last reply 11/21/2018 5:10 am
This has only happened to me on 1.13 and above. I've looked around for answers to this, but I was not successful. It would be nice if someone would help me with this
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11/21/2018 5:10 am
Level 6 Apprentice Miner
I had an associate on Twitter who has a GTX 1070 (slightly weaker than the 1080) and an Intel i5 CPU and he tells me he has had similar problems to you.

The reality is some people like myself have moved onto Minecraft bedrock edition, and we don't regret doing so. It's asinine how terrible Java MC runs even on machines that can run Doom 4, Dark Souls remastered and even Witcher 3 with no problems. Java is obsolete, it's only because of nostalgia that people are refusing to let it go. Most games are using C++ for a good reason, people want the most consistent frame rates.
11/20/2018 5:16 pm
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I have similar issues on 1.13. My PC is fairly old, but runs good enough on anything 1.12 or below.

I recommend visiting this site. Just do what it says and maybe it'll improve your FPS.
If you're okay with modding MC, then I also recommend getting Optifine, which can hugely improve FPS.
11/21/2018 5:01 am
Level 6 Apprentice Miner
The thing is we shouldn't have to mod our games to improve performance.

That is the responsibility of the developers, I've abandoned Java MC because of this and I told people on Twitter before closing my account on there. Bedrock edition just has so many advantages purely on the basis that it's using more efficient code, instead of Java virtual machine. My friend Chandler Klebs has abandoned Java version of Minecraft too because it runs terrible on his laptop compared to Windows 10 edition.

The fact bedrock edition can run at higher rendering distances of 60 chunks without any modding necessary and with minimal lag should tell people something and how flawed Java really is.




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