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Let the people choose!

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created 06/12/2019 2:21 pm by Kaos_Kitten
last reply 06/12/2019 2:28 pm
Someone *wink wink* maybe possibly has a birthday coming up. Because of this, I wanted to give the people the chance to choose the present.

This isn't really a present to me, but rather a thank you for this wonderful community for staying around. I'm not going to give away the date just yet, but feel free to choose what you want to happen!

Your options:

- Skin contest
  It's the expected one, a lot of people do it but I still wanted to give it as an option. Themes and such are always appreciated in the DM's, and pixel   art trophies will be made by yours truly

- Art requests
  I'll open up slots for art requests, they'll go first come first serve! (You can look at my art here~)

- Skin requests
  I'll open up slots for skin requests, they'll go first come first serve! (My skins can be found on my profile~ Kaos_Kitten)

- Group art
  I'll open a new forum slot, and let people comment to be added. This one might take a bit more time, but would be nice and worth it!

- Skin raffle
  I'll make a skin, and provide screenshots on a new forum post. Anyone who comments on that post will be entered, and that user gets the free   skin, which will not be posted to the site!

Poll ended 06/15/2019 2:21 pm.

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06/12/2019 2:28 pm
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