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Minecraft Alpha v1.0.15 server - anyone interested?

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created 01/31/2013 2:41 pm by swish2000
last reply 01/31/2013 2:44 pm
I'm planning on creating a server using the Old Days mod for the world generation and otherwise exact feel of Minecraft Alpha 1.0.15, which is when I started 2 and a half years ago - for nostalgia, you know?

I would suggest we create a server using MCNostalgia, but there are 2 problems. One is that MCNostalgia's Alpha versions have no sound, and 2: It'd be pretty hard to find old alpha server files to create the server.

The server will be made through Hamachi and it will not be whitelisted, you just have to connect to my hamachi network. I'm really excited to get back into Alpha again, when everything was so much simpler!

So my question to you is: Are you interested? Do you have any suggestions? Lastly, would you join if you could?

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2 replies

01/31/2013 2:43 pm
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I'd join maybe and record it for YT
01/31/2013 2:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
What's your channel name?

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