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Command Block Spawnpoint Issue - Bed Removed or Obstructed

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PoseidonR started 05/21/2020 2:57 am history
HoboMaggot replied 05/22/2020 5:43 am
Hi, I'm revisiting an old map that I made a few years back and upon playing for a little bit have realized that the command blocks that serve as checkpoints no longer work, as they revert back to the original world spawn. It impossible to get back on the course without using creative mode.

The message I get is "Bed Removed or Obstructed".

The command that I use for the command block is "/spawnpoint @p [<pos>]"

Is there anyway to fix this without adding new beds as I do not want to place in more beds and prefer to just step on a pressure plate and be done. Also manually typing in /spawnpoint works fine.
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1 reply

05/22/2020 5:43 am
Level 33 : Artisan Unicorn
Try this first/spawnpoint @a <pos>
/execute as @a run spawnpoint @s <pos>

I kinda think this is a bug
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