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Minecraft 1.8.9 Keeps Crashing on Servers

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SPACECOWPIE started 03/31/2020 8:36 pm
star_weaver replied 04/01/2020 6:14 am
I use Minecraft 1.8.9, and every so often, whilst I'm playing on a server, my game will crash abruptly. I use the latest version of Optifine for 1.8.9, but that doesn't seem to be part of the problem because I have this problem with the vanilla, non-modded version of 1.8.9. This has also just started happening yesterday. I have all of my drivers up to date, and I recently did a clean install of the latest Nvidia graphics driver. Please help me.

Here is one of the many crash logs:
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2 replies

04/01/2020 6:14 amhistory
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dont use optifine without forge
also post the crashlog for vanilla
04/01/2020 12:52 am
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This is a Java crash-log, we could really do with seeing the Minecraft one. If there is no crash report the in your logs directory, it might help to see the 'latest.log' file.

Since you've been using things ok until yesterday ....... maybe you've reached the limit of ram which you allocate when starting your server ? ,,,,,, might be worth putting an extra 1gb on top, just to see if it assists.
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