Mod failed to load correctly.

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Locksoli started 10/27/2020 4:29 pm history
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So, I'm trying to install a forge based modpack manually, and I don't wanna use the twitch app because it wasn't installing the mod pack I downloaded whatsoever. I tested the pack in MMC, and it worked, but I wanted to go through the normal launcher anyway because of convenience sake. I quickly learned a specific mod (Ice and Fire) is failing to load. The error I get is as follows:


Obviously I'm not very happy about that. So I went ahead and got the log for the crash.

Crash Log

I won't pretend to understand any of that. For further clarification, I'm using a windows laptop, and I know I'm using the latest version of Java 8. I'll leave the system specs in this next spoiler.

Sorry if my post seems too formal. This is technically my first, and I'm trying to follow the faq guidelines as best as I can. If anybody can help me figure out how to get this running, I'd really appreciate it.
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10/27/2020 4:40 pm
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It seems like the mod itself is broken. Try downloading the latest version of the Ice and Fire mod and Forge for 1.16 and seeing if that helps. If not, remove the mod (which should hopefully allow you to play using the rest of the mods in the pack) and report the bug to the Ice and Fire developers.
10/27/2020 10:12 pm
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Yeah, I figured it out. It's the new version of forge that was causing the issue. I even checked on the Ice and Fire github, and it's been reported as an issue already. I simply downgraded to a slightly older version of forge that was still able to handle it. Hopefully it'll be fixed by next update, as the mod was only updated at the beginning of this month after all.
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