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BungeeCord issue not letting me join my own server.

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created 09/16/2019 12:18 pm by birbo_
last reply 09/19/2019 3:31 pm
Okay, so on my server I have two main servers. A vanilla and a Pixelmon server. The vanilla one is the default. But when I went to connect to my Pixelmon server, (using /server pixelmon) it doesn't allow me to join. On the BungeeCord server log it says:

[INFO] [mrbirbman] <-> ServerConnector [pixelmon] has connected
[INFO] [mrbirbman] <-> ServerConnector [pixelmon] has disconnected

So, it's working and it's not?? I need help, as I promised my players a Pixelmon server. Please and thanks!
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Level 27 : Expert Birb

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3 replies

09/19/2019 3:07 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Network
Star Craft Network
Make sure that your Pixelmon server is in offline mode. This allows proxy connection through bungee
09/19/2019 3:31 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Network
Star Craft Network
Also one thing that helped me when I was making my bungee cord Network was watching a YouTube video called the breakdown bungee setup - should translate to what your doing here's the vid

Good luck Birbo
09/17/2019 12:19 am
Level 20 : Expert Princess
does connecting to the server directly work?

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