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I was looking to create a server and wanted to make sure I could monitor what my future builders are going. I already know that things like Bukkit, Paper, and Spigot all record things such as block placing, breaking, putting items in chests, killing mobs, etc. But I'm curious if these record what's inside of a shulker shell when placed or picked up. For example, lets say one of my builders in the future decided to fill a shulker shell with a stack of diamonds and placed 10 shulker boxes while in creative. Then mines the shulker boxes full of stacks of diamonds to use in survival/normal mode. Is there anything out there that records whats inside shulker boxes when placed and mined?

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10/12/2021 10:50 am
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Okay, firstly, I recommend Paper over Spigot and most people would probably agree.

On to your main question, what you want is the Core Protect plugin. It will allow you to do /co lookup to see everything from blocks placed, blocks broken, items picked up or dropped, items put into or taken out of containers, etc. When it comes to placing shulkers or chests with NBT+ tags in creative I do not think core protect will show all the items already in the container when it was placed. But you can see what items were taken out even after the shulker has been removed by looking through the logs or using /co inspect and clicking the location the shulker was.

If you are going to have staff building in creative and you don't necessarily trust them, you can always use plugins such as Gamemode Inventories and Limited Creative in order to prevent them from cheating in items such as netherite armor or beacons.

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