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Introduce yourself. You're among mining and crafting addicts. Welcome.

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by Triple Em » 7/16/2017

Didn't realize this was a thing we did here.

I'm Molly, a systems programmer who does all sorts of weird things with Minecraft and the Minecraft protocol.

I'm an avid writer and- well- programmer who enjoys long conversations and inside jokes. Roasting in group chats is mandatory.

I also like looking at new projects- there's just something that gets me about unexplored ideas, haha.

Hit me up if you have a project you're excited about and want to share or just want to talk.

Looking forward to meeting more people around here.

-MMM <3
I don't make household supplies.
Sawmill- A game engine utilizing the Minecraft protocol.
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by PolarAcres » 7/17/2017

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by CHorse » 7/17/2017

Welcome to PMC! I like to write as well, I've written such classics as umm . . . Unfinished Draft #1324; that one story I've not bothered to wrap up. I'm also working on a map I think's gonna be amazing; key word being think. It is important to note I thought hummus was going somewhere. Granted, this is why no one trusts me when I redict the future. Although, I did successfully predict the coming of Monday this week, so that's another thing for me.

If ye wanna meet other peeps I recommend da chat, just wait there long enough and ye'll find someone ye like talking to . . . enough.

And btw, if ye do see parshu, ask him for some free ground parshu. Or Ren3DM, it doesn't matter too much.
My IQ is definitely not showing. Seriously, ask anyone in the PMC chat.
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by striker107 » 7/17/2017

Welcome to PMC, if you want to chat about stories and stuff send me a PM. Don't know what else to say... then I guess it's goodbye for now.
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