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Minecraft difficulty

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created 11/19/2018 10:04 am by AGTRigorMortis
last reply 11/19/2018 12:01 pm
what difficulty do you prefer in Minecraft?

with me it's hard
some like hardcore, normal or peaceful.

But I say hard because even though I do like a challenge in survival mode, I don't want to lose everything simply for the fact I'm only human. There are already penalties for dying in survival mode regardless of difficulty mode, for one you can lose all your inventory items if you died in or too close to lava/fire/cactus, or if you don't return to the point you died within 5 minutes, this time is extended if the chunks are unloaded, but you better remember where you were before your "oopsy" occurred or your loot is gone forever.

in creative mode, difficulty does not matter
Creepers cannot aggro the player in that mode because they do not attack or explode and the player is essentially in god mode so take zero damage from anything (except void in MC Java). They will only explode if you're in survival mode with difficulty set to at least easy, or if a skeleton accidentally shoots them in creative, causing the Creeper to aggro against the skeleton, I'm sure I've seen that happen a couple of times and it's funny. :)

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11/19/2018 11:22 am
Level 35 Artisan Engineer
I'm not very excited about the difficulty settings in Minecraft because it doesn't really change much. At best you'll get more damage dealt by hostiles and less recovery from food but that doesn't really change the game.

Instead I enjoy using a specific set of armor which I discovered thanks to my previous server. A set of unbreaking leather armor which has a few enchantments on it to compensate for the lower protection level. Basically if you wear this set of armor you can survive a creeper blast if you're lucky, but not if blows up right next to you. For me this really adds some new difficulty into the game.
11/19/2018 12:01 pm
Level 6 Apprentice Miner
True, leather armour would put you more at risk of death in a game compared to higher tiered ones such as iron or diamond.

I guess it really depends on the circumstances of the people involved.
and I suppose if I got bored enough after doing everything else, I would take a chance like that just to make things more interesting and add replayability to the game. Minecraft worlds are so big that if you have a creative mind you'd never run out of things to do. You could even build arenas and have PVP sessions with friends, although judging by your posts you've probably already done this already. :P
11/19/2018 11:17 am
Level 17 Journeyman Engineer
I don't get the question?




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