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TC-Blox started 04/09/2020 9:36 pm
HoboMaggot replied 04/12/2020 1:01 am
Do you think MCreator is acceptable?
MCreator is a program that you can use to make your own CUSTOM mods for resent releases of Minecraft Java Edition.
PROS: It can help indie developers (such as us) make amazing mods for the whole Minecraft community to enjoy!
It's highly customizable and easy to use, accessible to anyone and everyone all over the world!

CONS: While it's not too limited for MOST things, it allows the inexperienced to paste together terrible mods with no substance and spam the community with mediocre creations.

BASICALLY: Must be used carefully to be used successfully. Does include scripting for the more experienced.
May be considered a great tool to HELP people with their work.
May also be considered a bad exploitable tool, used by the inexperienced to spam communities.

What do you think? Do you approve of MCreator? Should it be allowed to be used on Planet Minecraft?
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04/12/2020 12:29 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
I'm against almost anything that stops the creator from learning the code theirself.
04/12/2020 1:01 am
Level 29 : Expert Unicorn
You haven't defined "learning the code themselves". Does it mean they need to look up tons and tons of documentation and not get help at all? Does it mean that they just can't get help from other people? Does it mean they can't use the resources other people have created to help (like command generators and mccreator)?

As I've said in my comment before, MCCreator is a beginner's bridge to modding. If they decide to mod and MCCreator didn't exist, they would have to learn Java itself first, which can dissuade them as Java is hard (not as hard as C++) to learn and half of the learning time there's no actual practicality unlike minecraft command blocking.
04/09/2020 10:24 pm
Level 29 : Expert Unicorn
Look in the perspective of programming languages. Why do you think programs like scratch and unity exist? When the people should just code in stuff themselves. Its because programming is hard to get into, especially in pure text based languages as you cant see your own progress.
The same thing is applied for mccreator. It serves the same purpose as scratch and unity and is used to provide a stepping block to beginner modders.
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