1.9 vs 1.8

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Frogurt started 03/06/2016 8:08 pm
alogo25 replied 03/07/2016 8:21 pm
What are your opinions on 1.9 compared to 1.8? How do you feel 1.9 is better or worse than 1.8?
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03/07/2016 8:21 pm
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i never was a fan of updates. but, their inevitable.
03/07/2016 5:43 pm
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[quote="Mollybutterfly"]1.8 has less bugs and an ability to use command blocks more understandably. [quote]

I think 1.9 has a better command block system. It took some getting used to, but now I can see how handy it really is. For example, you can make command blocks that constantly repeat themselves and are better than a /fill or /setblock clock. Why? Because it saves more space than a redstone clock. Before 1.9, instead of chain command blocks you could just use redstone dust and place it over command blocks. But now with 1.9, it once again saves space. Plus, the chain blocks can go 90 degrees down, whereas a redstone wire can't.

I'm pretty sure we all understand how "Needs Redstone" and "Always Active" work.

The conditional tag is simple to understand but doesn't really serve a purpose unless you're using /testfor. If the command block behind it has a successful output and activates a comparator, the new command block will activate.
03/07/2016 5:30 pm
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The only problem of 1.9 is the fact it's new and still has bugs. So did 1.8. Folks held out on putting 1.7x servers to 1.8x. Now, most servers are 1.8 or at bare minimum 1.8 compatible. The same will happen with 1.9x.

But to stay on topic, I'm liking 1.9. The new blocks I like in particular, gives me a new feel when building. And I can build in an end theme that is a little more "native" to the setting.
03/07/2016 2:18 pm
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1.9 has came with some big bugs such as : Not being able to join servers correctly. But 1.9 has also came with a lot of good items like the wings. 1.8 has less bugs and an ability to use command blocks more understandably. 1.8 didn't have any wings and rumors started to hang around about Herobrine. So I guess they are equal.
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