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(SOLVED) Newbie to using mods, please help

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created 09/21/2019 12:19 am by BrandyBear history
last reply 09/24/2019 1:18 am

It turns out it was working using the most current versions of each, BUT the mod I got working isn't the same as the one my friend was using on Xbox. I found the correct version on the Minecraft Marketplace for 660 Minecoins, which makes sense, as he had to pay around $10CAD for it. The mod I have does indeed spawn lucky blocks, but it's not the same thing.

The mod I tried is cool because it gives a player something useful to do with gold, and the mod is FREE, where what I was trying to get isn't. Thank you to all who tried to help :)


I am trying to get the Lucky Blocks mod to work. It comes from This is the one that H2O Delirious and Gorillaphent and their bunch make their Minecraft videos about.

The instructions say to D/L Minecraft Forge for 1.12.2. My version of Minecraft Java edition is 1.14.4.

When I d/l the 1.12.2 version of Forge, I couldn't even see it in the mods list.

After various things I tried, I figured maybe use the most current version of Forge and the Lucky Blocks mod, because they SHOULD be compatible.

When I did this, and load Minecraft, I go to the Installations, click on Forge 1.14.4. When that loads, I click the Mods button I click the Lucky Block 7.9.1 on the left and it shows the mod information. I click Done. When I click Single Player, it loads a regular biome from the main game. The Lucky Blocks mod only uses one specific map, according to me watching my partner play the mod on Xbox one. I am doing this on a Windows 10 laptop if that helps.

Is there something I am doing wrong? I would have asked them if they had a forum like this, but there isn't one. I have never used a mod for any game before and would really appreciate some help with this. Thanks!
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5 replies

09/24/2019 1:18 am
Level 35 : Artisan Wolf Whisperer
Dont download mods from ever. they steal other peoples mods
09/21/2019 1:09 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Modder
Just to clarify, traditional mods are not a thing on console editions of Minecraft. They are against the Terms of Service of either Microsoft or Sony, depending on which console you are playing on. Are you sure that your friend was using a Lucky Blocks mod on Xbox?

Also, maybe I'm just not reading close enough, but could you clarify what the problem you are having is again? You got the Lucky Block mod loading in 1.14.4, right (since you said that you saw it in the mods list)?
09/21/2019 2:02 am
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I updated my post and marked it solved as the mod is working, but it's not what I thought it was, and I have since found the one I was looking for. Thanks! :)
09/21/2019 12:34 am
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I can help you out easier if you got discord. if you have it message me on discord.
09/21/2019 2:03 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Got it now, thanks :)

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