How do I find the seed of a friend's realm?

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Lgamezgood11 started 5/16/20 5:20 pm history
Coffee Gamer 360 replied 1/15/2022 12:37 am
So, a group of friends of mine have a realm that we all pay for, and I want to find slime chunks so I can get some slimeballs, so I'm trying to use one of those sites that lets you input the seed and see the slime chunks. But the owner of the server (who were all giving our money to so they can pay for it) is the only one who can access the cheats, and she won't type /seed and tell me the seed! Is there another way I can view the seed of our realms world?
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01/15/2022 12:37 am
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Coffee Gamer 360
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44000 views....wow
04/05/2021 2:08 pm
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As far as i know, there is no way, ive owned a realm for a while now and i have to try my very hardest to not leak any of the realm seeds in any way, when i do, the friends i play with imediatly use chunkbase to find stuff and ruin the fun of the game, all desert temples, mineshafs, end citys, and most other structures get looted very quickly by them. The only way they have gotten my seed was hacking on to my account, downloading the world, and looking at the seed while i was away, but i have installed countermeasures against that and no one has succesfully stolen a seed yet.
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No, there isn't a way to get the seed without an admin typing /seed. Plus, if your friend says you can't have the seed, you should respect her.

If you want to get slime, go to a swamp.
03/10/2021 4:39 pm
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I mean if hes paying for it he has some say in this.If it was just the friend paying by themselves thats where I agree just give the dang seed to the poor guy.
03/11/2021 8:04 pm
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If he's paying for the seed directly then sure. If he's paying for the server then there's no reason he should be entitled to it
01/15/2022 12:23 am
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If you pay a portion of the price for you and your friends then the fact persists that NO ONE OWNS THE SERVER! It's a collective effort to keep the server up. loritsi42 is not helping at all and I have no clue why they keep posting unhelpful and disregarding replies.

If you all pay for the server and your friend doesn't want to give you the seed then I say stop paying for it, take your friends and start a new realm because sadly there is no way to find slime chunks, or a swamp as loritsi42 suggests, without either imputing the seed on a site or exploring for possibly hours.

You should not respect someone who is ruining your fun in a game, especially when it's not even her own paid-for server.

I recommend you start posting helpful replies loritsi42 because all you are doing is stirring this poor poster's already stirred emotions instead of being helpful. She doesn't own the server and respect is earned not just a title to give the person who starts the server.
06/25/2021 12:36 am
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I signed in just to tell you that you should go back to EA. I also have the same realm seed problem :(
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