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>> AirborneSurvival - Looking for staff members! (List Included) <<

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created 05/29/2018 3:23 pm by elDudeBruh
last reply 07/11/2018 8:06 pm

Discord Invite:

Hello everyone!
I work for the newly born AirborneSurvival server. We are a survival server that offers a simple yet exciting and adventurous survival world with a nice community of players. We have just begun the ALPHA testing, and staff members are needed to help us with the initial development and moderation of the server - that includes building, project managing, plugin configuring, etc.

The positions available include, but not limited to:
- Trial Moderators
- Helpers
- Builders
- Head Builder(s)
- Developers

Trial Mods are essentially Helpers that are being considered for a job in moderating. The permissions levels will be that of the Helper's permission levels. Trial Mods might ask for assistance or guidance from more senior staff members if they have questions about their duties.

Helpers have relatively basic permissions - they can kick and mute other players (if such punishment is justified). If they are dealing with a situation out of their power, they must contact a superior to enact the appropriate punishment.

Builders have access to creative mode and certain build plugins. They must be trustworthy as they have access to a range of high-level permissions that could be abused. They should build whatever they're told to build by senior staff members or the head-builder but should be open to offering suggestions about pre-existing builds. Builders cannot give out any punishments.

Head-builders also have access to creative mode and the same plugins. They must also be trustworthy and they must be able to lead a team of a few people - leadership and communication skills are desirable. Other staff members including the owner and heads of staff may request that the head builder starts a project with his/her team and should also be open to offering suggestions and feedback.

Positions that can be fulfilled due to promotion from lower positions include:
- Chief of Staff
- Administrators
- Moderators
- Project Managers
- PR Specialist (Public relations, including monitoring and updating Discord announcements)

Note that for simplicity's sake, as the server progresses, we may feel the need to remove some of the aforementioned staff positions. We'd like the ratio of staff to players to remain constant.

We are looking for staff members with experience and dedication as well as a desire to learn and a desire to lead. We truly look forward to hearing your applications and we hope we can get you on board! (If you're reading this, write END OF APPLICATION in capital letters).

Good luck!
~ elDudeBruh, AirborneSurvival
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07/11/2018 8:06 pm
Level 1 New Miner
What happened? I can join the server but not the discord... nobody on.
05/29/2018 3:49 pm
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