Dark Era Minecraft Server [1.12.2] | Looking for Staff!

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created 05/21/2019 4:12 pm by yaboyyy_
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Hello everyone!

Have you been looking for any servers to help out? A server to bring to popularity, a server to dedicate to that won't die out?

Well, you've come to the right place. Dark Era is a upcoming server in the making that specializes in factions, towny, prison, and more. Right now we need all the help we can get to make that happen, including almost any role you could think of. Our staff team is very friendly, and we are always doing our best to help out new members. If you are interested in applying, there is an application forum included in the Discord. Please note that it says the minimum age requirement is 16, but it depends more on your maturity, so don't let that scare you away! We're looking for dedicated and experienced players to help out, so let your talents shine and put your all into that application :D!

Roles Available

★ Builders; we need builders more right now, so please apply if you're interested!

★ Admins; make sure you're serious about it!

★ Moderators; help keep our server in check!

★ Helpers; help with the small stuff!

★ Developers; help us add some awesome pizzazz to Dark Era!

Currently applications are open to the larger roles, but in the near future we will be turning applicants into Helpers first. Helpers will be promoted as they learn more about the role they wish to be.

Special Offer

Along with that, on our discord server we have an offer available right now to earn some cash rewards in Paypal or Buycraft. The more people you invite, the more you can earn!

↪ 25 Invites | $5 Paypal or $10 Buycraft
↪ 50 Invites | $10 Paypal or $20 Buycraft

↪ 75 Invites | $15 Paypal or $40 Buycraft

↪ 100 Invites | $30 Paypal or $80 Buycraft
↪ 200 Invites | $60 Paypal or $160 Buycraft

If you're interested, why wait? Join us now @ https://discord.gg/Gr37d2s !

For any extra inquiries, reply to me on this forum or message me on discord @ yaboy#0783. I can also get you in contact with one of the server's Managers.
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05/22/2019 12:23 am
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whats the IP

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