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EmissaryPvP | Faction Server | Custom Plugins

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created 02/08/2014 6:39 pm by Veloriux
last reply 02/11/2014 4:05 pm

IP Address:

Server Overview:
EmissaryPvP is a PvP Server with, Raiding, Griefing, and Scamming Permited. Find yourself a great place to build a base and fight wars between factions. sell items to gain money and buy yourself some epic stuff!

Racism, sexism and any other hurtful comments will not be tolerated.
No harassment of any kind.
No transparent or 'xray' texture packs.
No spamming.
Griefing, raiding, scamming and PVPing is allowed.
Swearing is allowed but keep to a minimum.
Do not ask staff for items, ranks or money.
No hacked clients.
No duping or glitching items.
No AFK machines.
Do not exploit bugs, glitches, or loopholes.
Do not advertise other servers.

A moderator is basically known as members, but with extra commands that lets them do their job which is moderate.
Moderator Rules
- You are allowed to ban players with a good reason, but make sure to get proof before you do so.
- You must read all the staff rules which is located on the forums, failure to do so may result in demotion.
- You must respect regular players and higher ranks especially owner(s).

Will be updated for more information on this after beta:
Offenses to temp-mute for:
- Minor chat spam (multi-line words)
- Excessive cursing
- Excessive offensive actions or words to either players or staff.
- Excessive caps lock (entire sentences, 80% of a sentence, multiple sentences, etc.)
- Speaking about other servers
- Officer/staff disrespect
- Player/staff harassment (Also report the harassment to an Admin.)

Offences to perm-mute for:
- Major chat spam (5-6 lines or more)
- Racism - 3 hour mute first offense, 3 day mute second offense, permanent mute for third
- Repeated and consistent excessive offensive actions or words to either players or staff.

Offenses to ban for:
- Advertising with intent (Perma-Ban)
- Suicide spamming (1 day temporary ban)

Moderator Application:
In-game Name?:
Time you can be on the server moderating:
Current Rank?:
Do you have experience with other faction servers?:
Have you read all of the server rules?:
Can you be fair and enforce rules with a non-personal judgement?:
Why do you think you should be a moderator?:
Addition Information:

Admin Application:
In-game Name:
How long have you played on the server?:
Have you ever been muted or banned?:
If yes, why and for how long?:
Why do you believe you're suitable for the role of Administrator?:
Any extra Information?:

Copy and past this template into a new reply at the bottom of the page. Fill out the information, then click the 'Submit' button.
In-game Name:
Who were you banned by?:
When were you banned? (Approx time/day):
What was the ban reason?:Do you admit fault?:
What was your current rank?:
Why do you think you should be unbanned?:
Any other information?:

In-game Name:Who were you muted by?
When were you muted? (Approx time/day):
What was the mute reason?:
Do you admit fault?:
What was your current rank?:
Why do you think you should be unmuted?
Any other information?:

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Level 14 : Journeyman Dragonborn

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8 replies

02/11/2014 4:05 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragonborn
02/10/2014 8:10 pm
Level 1 : New Engineer
We need some players guys, so make sure you come check us out!
02/10/2014 7:51 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragonborn
02/10/2014 7:50 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragonborn
We're still setting up the mob arena, which will be out pretty soon!
02/09/2014 10:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
I saw this server on here yesterday and went to check it out, have to say, it's one of the best servers I've ever played. It has a variety of things you can go such as PvP, Mob Arena , Factions and more. It has 6-10 players on in the evening and 1-2 in the mornings. I give it a 10/10. Let's help this server grow!
02/10/2014 8:11 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Thanks, glad you like the server, i do hope that the server will grow
02/09/2014 8:37 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragonborn
02/08/2014 7:59 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Over 20+ players joined in the first few hours!

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