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Underbalanced started 6/8/12 7:30 pm
RaginTree replied 6/8/2012 8:16 pm
Ok so this will be long and complex!

- First off I am looking for help in multiple ways.
2 Lower Admin Positions (Specific plugin control, NO OP/WE/GIVE/CONSOLE)
2 Moderators (Can jail, mute, sorts tickets and reports)
3 Monitors (Lower Moderator) (Filter help and reports for invalid ones)

Before you go oMFG! Admin! Please read these words carefully. I never give OP or world edit to anyone but myself. You will never have the ability to take down a server. You will never have the ability for complete control. I back up my minecraft drives and SQL databases every 10 minutes. I will not just give you a job. You must use TeamSpeak, be into the concept and use the website to learn about the server group.

16+, Ability to comprehend some complex topics.
Know how to operate plugins like MA, Hunger Games and more.
TeamSpeak Usage!

About me:
I am a 27 year old Network Administrator
Love customization and hosting minecraft
Hate Bickering kids on the server HA.

Ok so this is about the servers. Originally I was looking for a good SMP server; I could not find one that did not give away the world for money. So I created my own with restricted VIP privilege that would not break fair play. I did this. It was rough and I learned a lot. This server was build originally and hosted by me at home and still is. The server is running Dual CPU 12 cores, 32GB ram and 4x SSD's. I am moving in August to MD at which we will be going onto Fiber Optics and upgrading the server to 64GB Ram, Server Network Interface, additional SSD's. To compensate for more players and damn need for player data writing to the hard drive. I already upgraded to a business VPN Router and backup battery that prevents crashing on power outage. All server plugin data is kept in a robust SQL setup and backed up as .sql and .cvs for redundant data protection.

We have 3 Live Servers (SMP Test Server, Creative, and Vanilla)
We will be going to 8 Live Servers (SMP Test, SMP New, Warzones, Vanilla,
Creative, Hunger Games, MA/Spleef, Monster Apocalypse)

The all use transporter plugin and operate as such. Each server shares the same help ticket, reporter and mail databases. So from one server to the next you can see the same stuff here.

We Segmented the servers mostly for peformance while offering it all!

We are protected using MCBANS, HAWKEYE and various protections. The hardware server uses an IDS and IP Black listing directly on the router.

You can access These Servers from the Main SMP Portal or by IP/Domain
SMP Test Server (Test plugins)
Hunger Games

You can only access these Servers from inside SMP Test Server
Monster Apocalypse

Servers will be mandatory Spout for SMP/Warzones/Hunger Games. We will be looking for help on the MA/Spleef/Hunger Games Servers mostly and on main SMP we need help with achievements and setting up some plugins like jobs. I know how to do all this but I have gotten in over my head in the massiveness of my project. My website is loaded with data. Our original one server did well before and made a good test run, we capped and had usually 25-30 players always on. We are looking to hit about 300 across all servers in MD after we get fiber optics.

If you think you can handle logging on the website and learning about the servers and plans it would be good to chat. Again you will not have super powers, minimal powers to the task at hand, and no WE, GIVE, OP or direct database or console access.

If you survived all that and my poop grammer, than good, I do not baby feed, so figuere it out on the site and contacting me. TS is on there.

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IGN: HubbleBubblez
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How experienced are you: 2 years
are you friendly: very
Do you have skype: EpicPee
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