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HermitVille [Hermitcraft Inspired Minecraft server]

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created 08/20/2019 8:24 am by TGVanquish history
last reply 08/24/2019 2:40 pm
HermitVille Server Recruitment

I am currently looking for server builders & Players to help me get a Hermitcraft inspired server up and running.

I am currently in need of help to set up plugins correctly such as perms, shops, world guard etc etc as I'm not 100% how to do it. I am also in need of someone to either edit in or add in a spawn for everyone, something like a town with a town hall as the spawn point as that will be used to get jobs, receive challenges and complete quests.

My aim for this server is to have all the players do their own thing but be able to make player shops, go and complete quests from the town hall and gain money or items, buy plots within the town to build their own shop and sell items of their choice to other players around the server.

Player Recruitment

- Must be of the age of 16+

- Must use discord and have a working mic

- Must be ok with being on streams and videos

- Committed to play under server rules

Server Builder/Plugin Editors Recruitment

- Must be confident and willing to commit to the plugin configs

- Must have a previous past of creating servers/editing plugins

- Must be able to Build using world editor or schematics

- Must be a trustworthy person

I want to thank you all that apply and thankyou to everyone in advance for helping out and I hope to see you guys in the server as soon as its up. Those that help out with the server will be given a chance to become privileged members and also have the chance at becoming first staff members if required

Please contact me on this thread or via discord and state what your applying for please :)

DISCORD: TGVanquish#7240
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2 replies

08/24/2019 2:40 pmhistory
Level 4 : Apprentice Modder
I am used to playing on servers with no anti-grief plugins installed, and while most of them are already griefed beyond repair, I have a strong sense of community and would never destroy anyones hard work on a server. I also will never directly disobey a stated rule that a player has involving a shop or other interactive building. I am fine with all of the requirements above except for a working mic. My parents do not approve of voice chat and since I still live in their house until next august, I must abide by their rules. My discord is Gameknight14#7542 should you be ok with me using text chat instead. I understand that you wish to make this a video series, so I get it if you don't want a silent person on your stream/youtube video. Anyways, please consider this and I would be happy to join you on this server!
08/24/2019 3:37 am
Level 1 : New Miner
I'd be willing to play and would also recon some of my friends would want to as well! The hermitcraft server is really neat and i like the edition of this hermitville server, the economy would be interesting however as a lot of people may have stores selling the same thing.

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