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New server planning!

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created 01/18/2018 11:46 am by Arezoth
last reply 01/18/2018 5:21 pm
Hello PMC

Hey guys, Im Arezoth. In the past few years, creating a minecraft server has been quite a big dream of mine. I have attempted a few servers but never had succsess in it. The main reason was due to not having a different server from the many that exist out there today, a server with an interesting and a different view from others. Unfortunetly, Im not a developer and do not have much experience in plugin making, to be honest, i have no experience at all.

I understand that most people are wanting to create a server for the money, thinking that having a server will mean they will get a ton of money, but for me, i want to create a server that is a bit more than just a minecraft server, I want to create a community that people want to play on, where people wake up, get out of work/school and can't wait to go online to see whats happening. As well as actually enjoying the game it self. I have had many ideas that I thought were really good and might work, but due to the lack of money and developing of plugins they never worked out.

I decided to try my luck here, and hope to get a responce from people who would share their ideas of the perfect minecraft server, what kind of plugins and just a general type of gameplay they are looking for. As well as helping me out, if you guys actually give good responses, it will mean that a good bunch of you will be able to get accsess to staff on the server when its realesed.

Please either PM or comment down below about what kind of server would you like to see, and what kind of plugins you would love. It dosnt have to be vanila minecraft, I am open to ideas even about modded minecraft!
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01/18/2018 5:08 pm
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I'd love to join your server!! personally, I enjoy vanilla survival, but I'm down to play anything. I don't know much about making a server or anything about plugins (sorry, I'm not much of a help ;-;) but just know that you have my support :)
01/18/2018 5:21 pm
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Vanila minecraft is always fun and always will be the classic, but I would love to add just that cherry on top and top it all of :) thanks for the support elizami :D




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