Newly Integrated Discord & Minecraft Server!

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End Game is a pretty chill server that has begun a process we think is different than any other experience. Players have the ability to join our Discord server, then link together their Minecraft and Discord accounts with a few simple commands.

After this any one can play the mini games we have on Discord (betting currency against other users, solving word scrambles, and solving trivia questions about Minecraft and a number of other games!). When you play the minigames you're rewarded our in game currency used to rank up! Personally I have not seen a server with these features and would love to be one of the first to use Discord & an In House written bot to really get the best out of both Minecraft and Discord!

We would love for some new players to join and try it all out since we just started. Feedback is really the best way to improve! Our ip is: Any user that links their accounts and plays on the server for 5 hours is going to get our Veteran Rank once we open.

I am also looking for new and fresh things to add to the server! End Game is currently in beta testing but I don't think there's ever a time to stop thinking about the possibilities!

Thanks for Reading ♥♥
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