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[RECRUITING VARIOUS POSITIONS] Breaded Chicken | 1.14.4 | Survival | Creative | Towny | Minigames

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created 09/10/2019 6:35 pm by Fabian636 history
last reply 09/12/2019 6:36 pm


About us

Breaded Chicken is a recently revived server that is starting out with Towny, Creative, and Survival. In the near future however, we'll be adding other gamemodes like minigames or dungeons. To communicate within the staff team, we’re using Trello and Discord.

Some of the features currently being worked on include:
  • McMMO, ranks that can be bought with coins earned in-game and shops with a graphical interface (you can buy and sell items from a menu, instead of having to search through dozens of signs).
  • Soon we'll start working on quests
  • custom achievements well as minigames and a dungeons gamemode

We currently consist of a small team, so we're looking to recruit people for various positions to help build up and improve our server. =)

Management team:
  • IsThatEthan - Owner of the server. He is responsible for managing the server’s financial side and overseeing the rest of the team.
  • The_Anomaly - Lead Developer. He is an experienced server manager who has studied business management and has a background in accounting.
  • Fabian636 - Lead Administrator. Has helped manage multiple servers in the past, as well as having been a server owner himself.



Builders are responsible for making and improving our servers spawns, lobbies, and other builds. To apply for Builder you need to have experience with making good looking buildings, using depth in your builds, and building in different styles. You will also need to be able to work well in a team, as well as being able to use worldedit and voxelsniper.

Head Builders

Head Builders lead the build team. As one of our Head Builders you will be responsible for assigning tasks to other builders, coordinating in what way builds should be made, having an overall vision of how a build should look, as well as coaching regular Builders in how to build better. To apply for this position you will need more building experience as well as knowledge on how to build well, and what tricks are available to make things look good. You will also need to be mature and know how to both work in and coordinate with a team.

Experienced (Head) Moderators

While most of our staff positions aren't open yet, we're recruiting a few experienced moderators in advance. The main goal of this is to have some skilled moderators on our team who know the ins and outs of moderation and will be able to teach those to newer members of our staff team. Depending on your performance you can be promoted to Head Moderator or even Admin. To apply for this position you need to be experienced with moderation in minecraft. We specifically ask of you that you know enough about what kinds of hacks and hacked clients exist and how to spot them, as well as the differences between hacking and for instance, simply experiencing lag. For this position it's important that you are mature, and can handle stressful or annoying situations professionally. Ideally, we also want our first moderators to be able to coach new staff members in how to moderate, spot hacks, etc.


Developers are responsible for managing and creating our server's plugins. Right now we're mostly focused on basic plugins to manage the structure of our server and our first gamemodes. In the (near) future however, having skilled developers on board who are able to code their own plugins could get very important. In this position you will also be able to think of what gamemodes you would be interested in creating for our upcoming minigames, so you'll also have a chance to work on custom projects if you feel inspired to do so. In the future, people in this position might be able to get paid for their work, depending on the amount of donations and server costs. To apply for this position you need to know how to code your own minecraft plugins, as well as being able to work in a team.

Game Designer

For our upcoming dungeons gamemode, as well as towny and possible minigames, we will need people who know how to balance these games, design mobs for use in the dungeons, help balance the server’s economy, etc. This position involves some technical know-how, but is mostly about balancing and design. Having experience with relevant plugins and/or quickly being able to learn new ones is important, as well as being able to calculate, for instance, the overall effects of changes in numbers such as the health of a mob or the sell price of an item. If you are more talented in other areas of game design, you can still make an application and we’ll see if we can put your skills to use. =)

GFX designer

We’re looking for someone who is able to make custom banners and logos for our server. The most important things we’ll need at the moment are a new banner and server icon, but if you’re able to make any other graphics we can use that’s nice as well. To apply for this position you’ll have to show us some examples of your earlier work.

Other Positions

If you are skilled in something not listed here such as advertising/PR management, web design, or anything else you think might be useful, make sure to respond and we'll see if we have a position for you. =)

Closed Positions

The positions of Owner, Head Developer and Head Admin are already filled. Applications for Helper or Moderators who still need more training aren't open yet.

How to apply

To apply, join our discord and see the #apply-for-staff channel. You’ll be able to find a stickied message with the application formats and post your application there. If you’re applying for a builder position, make sure to include examples of your past work!

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Level 1 : New Mage

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09/12/2019 6:36 pm
Level 1 : New Mage
We're mainly in need of a few builders right now (but we still need the other positions as well).

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