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TDD server Mod/Admin/Co-Owner NEEDED ASAP

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created 10/30/2016 5:24 pm by The Dynamic Dragon
last reply 10/31/2016 7:14 pm
Hi i'm Zoe and im a youtuber and a server owner and i need some new mods/staff
here are the places up for grabs:


If you are interested private message me on planet minecraft or in the comment section of this post and use this format which is under spoiler.
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(You may be in a YouTube video)
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The Dynamic Dragon
Level 8 : Apprentice Princess

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10/31/2016 7:14 pm
Level 49 : Master Wizard
1) Your Name KristinnVikar
2) IGN (in game name) KristinnVikarJ
3) Time Zone london/iceland green wich time
4) What Power Do You Want? (E.g. Co-Owner/Admin/Mod/Trainee) any
5) WHy do you want that Power? Why do i want the power?, i dont want any power i just want to help the server start up
6) Why Should I Pick You? / What can you offer to the sever? I can make custom plugins, i create mods and i can easily setup plugins and i am just overall trustful
7) What Ideas do you have? ...
8) What is your skype/discord? Discord: bananaface
10/31/2016 6:27 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Bumpity Bump :S :3
10/30/2016 9:16 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
1) Michael
2) Michael3038
3) PST
4) I'd accept either Co-Owner or Admin. Preferably Co-Owner, because I can help devs and make myself admin for a second to... Idk look like one?
5) I want it because I have experience with both ranks. Is currently a Co-Owner on a newly released server. But I always have time, since we usually are under maintenance. I also know how to deal with specific rule violations. Generally speaking I can contribute a lot.
6) Pick me because well, just read above and you can see how I contribute. I really love servers and I like helping new players. It is very fun to be a staff member. Helping is fun. Lol the funs... But still, if you don't think I have the skill. Demote me or just don't accept the application.
7) An idea would be to go a little easy on the Co-Owners and focus on Helpers to Admin. Besides that this seems like a perfect server.
8) Skype: Michael Ellis Discord: Michael3038
10/30/2016 7:27 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
1) Your Name Darren
2) IGN (in game name) Elyre
3) Time Zone Chicago
4) What Power Do You Want? (E.g. Co-Owner/Admin/Mod/Trainee) Co-Owner; I Know That's A Big Step But I Have My Own Server And I Believe I Can Help. I'm Familiar With ALOT of Configs So If You Need FTP Help I'm Your Man.
5) Why do you want that Power? As I Said Before I Believe I Can Help There Is Alot Of Stress With a lot Of Things Such As; Staff Management, That Involves Promotions And Demotions Recruitment And Even Firing Your Volunteers, Server Management, Ban And Rules Are Main Things What Rules Are The Important Ones.... How Much Do You Enforce Them I Can Help With Pretty Much Everything You Need
6) Why Should I Pick You? / What can you offer to the sever? A lot Of What Is Up There Is Relevant To This So I'll Let You See That Aswell. Anyways I Can Offer Strict Or Not Strict Management and Get Your Server Great Again- Donald Trump , Basically Anything You Need I Got.
7) What Ideas do you have? I Haven't Seen Your Server Yet... But NOTHING Downloaded Except For Plugins Even That I'm Kinda Against. NO PEX It's a Waste Of Time When Group Manager Can Do It ALL Ingame, I won't want to work with you otherwise.
8) What is your skype/discord? As Of I Am 12, I Do Not Use These Methods, You Probably Haven't Even Thought About My Age At This Point... I Am VERY Mature I Just Do Not Like These Things.

EXTRA EXTRA xD : I Love Command Blocks <3 And I Can Make Custom Plugins In-Game With Them

{EDIT}: I Just Made A Assassin Set On My Server So I Can Do Mineplex Like Armor Sets
10/30/2016 7:25 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
1) Your Name Toni/Hart
2) IGN (in game name) Hartthrob
3) Time Zone EST
4) What Power Do You Want? (E.g. Co-Owner/Admin/Mod/Trainee) Any job really
5) WHy do you want that Power? I really dont care and like to help people
6) Why Should I Pick You? / What can you offer to the sever? I can help people and make this communtity grow
7) What Ideas do you have? ?
8) What is your skype/discord? Skype; Hartthrob.loves.minecraft
10/30/2016 7:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
1) Your Name:Dylan
2) IGN (in game name):Smagicman
3) Time Zone:E.T.(Eastern Time)
4) What Power Do You Want? (E.g. Co-Owner/Admin/Mod/Trainee:Whatever you want for me doesn't matter.
5) Why do you want that Power?:I just want to help other people in hopes of one day having a successful server, but before I need to help others get what they want until im good enough.
6) Why Should I Pick You? / What can you offer to the sever?:I am very honest,trustful, and can do almost anything./I can offer almost all the help it needs.
7) What Ideas do you have?:Depends on how the server is built.
8) What is your skype/discord?:sonicman248
10/30/2016 5:28 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Preferred Role: moderator or admin or co-owner

Name: will

Timezone: central

In-Game Name: shadow_plays_pvp

Age: 12

Number of hours you are available a week:

I am always on my computer after school, and on the weekends, I have nothing else to do. so pretty much all day.

Why do you want to join our server?:

I have always been interested in staffing on servers, but i have only been invited into small servers, and want to be apart of something large.

skype: willydudekiller

What previous experience do you have?:

I have mainly been admin during my Minecraft staff carrier.

maturity 1-10: 8

Ideas: I would love teach redstone on this server

What can you offer to us?: I can offer a person who has persistence, and good at working alone or, in a team. I am also a people person, so i will be active with the community and its players,making me a idle choice for a staff member. I am also a very calm person, and try to give out a punishment which is not unfair, or too little for the situation in hand and give advertising to grow the server.

What makes you stand apart from others?:

I would have to say it is the large amount of time i would be available, and the fact i can get along with people slowly.

extra: I love doing redstone alot
10/30/2016 5:38 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Princess
The Dynamic Dragon
Thank You, You will find out soon if you have the place

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