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//==[] 1.9.2 Towny server! 18/30 Online==\\

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created 06/01/2016 6:01 pm by B0DFIERCE
last reply 06/01/2016 6:02 pm

Chadzcraft is a new towny-based server that is looking for a dedicated player base to fill our town ranks. Including plug-ins like McMMO, LWC, Economy, and more, the server offers a very farming and mining based economy to make your money and be able to support your towns. Each town has its own unique people, rules, and ways to advance in ranks, from small-plot renters to big shopkeepers and landlords.

In the future, Chadzcraft will be implementing custom classes and custom quests to earn money and make each individual person unique in how they make money and how they help their town. Player-owned shops and server shops will help players sell their hard-earned items and be able to buy other items that players are in need of, or for players to be able to deposit some of their money into their town bank to keep their town alive, as there is a small daily tax for towns. If the tax isn’t paid, the town will unclaim all of the land. So we need players that will help make money for their town so it doesn’t fall apart!

Chadzcraft features very kind and helpful staff that are required to be on the server teamspeak if they are online, so that players have a way to contact them outside of just server chat. Currently, we have two admins and four mods that are on daily and actively helping and playing survival mode with the players. There is no spawning in of items, no changing of day to day activities such as /toggledownfall or /set day, so the experience is as real as possible. Staff are always available to help, as is the owner, Chad.

In the future, there will be donator ranks ranging from $5 to $120 available for purchase that give access to different commands such as /sethome2 and 3 and /fly, as well as Pets and Trails and in-game money. All money raised from donator ranks goes towards upgrading the server and keeping it alive.

The server needs more players to keep the towns alive. We offer a great community and a friendly atmosphere for players to come and enjoy themselves while they play minecraft. Come and join and see what all you’re currently missing!
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06/01/2016 6:02 pm
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I play on this server and I will say its definitely a really fun towny server! Its set up really nicely and there are so may active dedicated people to play with but we need more people to keep expanding and making more towns! you should come play

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