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Do you need staff? lolz

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created 06/30/2012 10:02 pm by I_Earn_Diamonds
last reply 06/30/2012 10:13 pm
Do you need staff. i could help. i am skilled with redstone and i like building on my free time but when im on a server i usually moniter the server. me and my friend claykid are making a server and we dont need staff or anything but we were wondering if "how come everyones server has mod, admin, stuff like that and we noticed that clay did the server wrong and then he crashed the server so we were looking for staff and if u have any staff jobs for my friend Claykid31 and I, alex9404 or I_Earn_Diamonds we'd like to apply for it.
"A" aka alex

Applying fo staff:any staff position
Donate: no srry but i can advertise your server with pictures and videos.
Skilled: yes i made stuff that involve redstone and im really skilled with redstone.
Xp before:ive been mod and admin on 5 servers i forgot 3 of them but i do remeber two of them ones called PlayCast and the other is PeerCraft.
How can you benifit: i can make a rome like warp or i also got a awesome idea of "portals" yes i said portals i know how to make them. i dont tell people but only my bosses like owners i play with.
Maturity: (9/10)
Age:15 almost 16
Do you have skype:no but you can contact me by X-box live my gamertag is CarePackage360 and yes i have a working mic
Do you like PIE: depends i only like PIE flavor LOL XD
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06/30/2012 10:13 pm
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Please stop spamming the forums with the SAME posts. Thanks

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