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Bandicam + After Effects not working well?

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created 03/07/2014 4:35 pm by LiquidChildren1
last reply 03/09/2014 10:00 pm
I just recently got the free version of Bandicam to record my minecraft. I made some video files and besides their choppy framerates, look completely fine. But when i load it into After Effects, which is also a free trial, cause im a broke college kid, the video starts acting all wonky.

I would drag a video into the timeline, and play it. Some of the earlier frames in a video would be scattered in other parts, the more i worked on the video, the more this problem became apparent, as if the files themselves were being damaged.

It seemed what caused this problem more than anything else would be when i try to use Time Stretch, Time Remapping, or by simply scrubbing through footage.

Anyone else having this problem? Any known remedies? Should i convert the video files to something else more stable?

You can see this problem for yourself in the video i have here:
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3 replies

03/07/2014 4:38 pm
Level 20 : Expert Button Pusher
Try installing a new codec to run bandicam with. I'm not sure if the free version supports different codecs, but if it does, look up LagerithLossless codec and install it.

A codec is just a way of recording and extracting the file, lagerith lossless has had the best cooperation when it comes to programs like after effects, and Vegas pro. Plus, it's got little to no lag, if you've got a decent processor.

Hope this helps.
03/08/2014 10:02 pm
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
it does, thank you
03/09/2014 10:00 pm
Level 20 : Expert Button Pusher
No problem man!

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