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skyservers4/20/12 9:30 pm
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4/21/2012 7:58 am
Hello everyone,
I am just trying to update the page of a server that i currently run.
When i click save though it comes up with this message.
To save, review/fix the following:
This server already exists on the site. Here is the existing server page. If someone else posted your server, Contact Us and include the server address & port.

As a result it does not allow me to save the changes.
Does anyone know a way around this?

Sky Servers
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04/21/2012 7:58 am
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Thanks for the help. I do however already own the server - I posted it here. I just wanted to update its info. Do i really have to go through all of those steps to fix it?
04/21/2012 1:50 am
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You should just report the server submission, supplying proof you own the server, and move on. It will be taken down within a week or so, at least from my experiences. Here's an easy way of providing proof you own the server. That, or you can contact a site moderator directly through private messages or the chat lounge (List of Site Moderators). It would be in your best interests to message one that is currently online.
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