PMC Fighter QUARTER-FINALS MATCH: Stealth Phant VS Chimera-Tron 2000

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Carcharodontosaurus started 10/10/21 12:05 pm
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Stealth Phant
Chimera-Tron 2000

It's Sunday, you know what that means folks; it's FIGHT DAY! My name is Mick McLaren, and I will be your host for this evening's PMC Fighter quarter finals match!

Tonight's fight is gonna be a clash between brawn vs brain!

In the red corner we have (DinowCookie) the Stealth Phant, the vicious bull elephant from hell who COMPLETELY STOMPED Okizeme, a run-off cyborg from an unknown lab! He just casually entered the ring as we speak by falling from the roof, and boy does he look pissed. I don't know if it is because he didn't land well, or because he is putting on his fight-face, but I'm pretty sure he felt nothing from that fall regardless. He sure grew a pair of... tusks, since the Bin Skin! According to experts, he is supposedly the hardest contestant to take down because of his sheer size and hardiness... which makes sense because... I mean... he IS an elephant. If I was in the ring up against him, I'm pretty sure I'd either play dead or put on a rat-costume hoping it will confuse him.

Anyways, our best reporter was lucky enough to get an interview with this beast:

Dana: "How do you feel about fighting Chimeratron today?"
Stealth Phant: "Confident. The previous opponent was no match. He was a cyborg too."

Dana: "That is true, so how are you going to take down Chimeratron-2000?"
Stealth Phant: "I'll trample him."

*5 seconds of silence*

Dana: "Right uh... how do you prepare yourself for a fight?"
Stealth Phant: "I don't prepare much. I am just being me, and not trying to be something else."

Dana: "Surely being a stealthy elephant won't work too well though will it?"

*5 seconds of silence*

Stealth Phant: "I have no comment on that"

Dana: "Okay.. as a final question for you, is there someone in the tournament you wouldn't want to face off against?"
Stealth Phant: "There are no rodents in the tournament. So there is no-one I fear."

Sounds like the stealth phant is ready for just about anything, let's have another look at his stats!:

Strength: 8
Speed: 2
Hardiness: 9
Wrestling: 6
Hit Points: 18.5

And here comes his cyborg challenger!

In the yellow corner we have (Chimerabot) Chimera-Tron 2000. He managed to beat the fabled party goblin, the speediest contestant of this tournament. As we saw in his last fight, he cannot take a lot of punches... which of course is not optimal when facing the most sturdy opponent of the tournament. But we'll have to see for ourselves what kind of tricks he has got up his sleeves, cause this oldie packs a fist full of steel and I mean that both metaphorically and literally. He is close to having the same speed as the party goblin, meanwhile having one of the meanest punches in this tournament.

Dana Douglas got a quick interview with this grandpa cyborg as well:

Dana: "How do you feel about today's match?"
Computer: "505 Error - Domain Not Found - XXXZ13?"

*Chimera-Tron slaps the mechanical piece on his chest*

Dana: "What was that?"
Chimera-Tron 2000: "Oh nothing! I am feeling great about tonight's fight. This perilous pachyderm won't present a problem."

Dana: "Got it. Best of luck..."

Let's hope for him that his suit isn't gonna malfunction too much this evening. Anyways, let's look at his stats:

Strength: 9
Speed: 9
Hardiness: 2
Wrestling: 5
Hit Points: 8

The Fight

Both contestants are standing ready in the ring as we speak, and the judge is getting things set straight. Now, our experts say it is very likely the not-so-stealthy elephant who is gonna take the win tonight. He is simply put too tough to take out for Chimera-Tron, seeing as the stealth phant can take immeasurable punishment, while still being able to fight. Chimera-Tron 2000 can take one good punch from the stealth phant if he is LUCKY. So he is gonna have to play this one very safe and by the book.

There goes the bell, prepare for carnage guys, cause this fight may not take too long!

The stealth phant is coming in hot, he is seemingly gonna try to make a grapple BUT THE OLD ROBO-MAN GIVES HIM HIS ALL WITH TWO WELL PLACED SWINGS! AND MY GOD THEY SURE HURT THE BIG FELLA! OUCH! THE ELEPHANT HAS BEEN FLOORED! (Stealth Phant takes 9 damage)

He did NOT see this coming, and not sure if Chimera-Tron did either, but hey that's the advantage of being strong AND fast! The stealth phant is up on his feet again, he sure felt that, but he can take it. He is gonna have to be way more cautious though, cause this cyborg hits harder than a T800 Arnold Schwarzenegger! The phant is going in again, this time with a kick! OW MY EARS THAT TOOT IS LOUD, but what the... THE GREY-BEARDED CYBERTRON GOES DOWN LOW AND SWEEP KICKS THE ELEPHANT! HOW IS HE DOING IT!? THE STEALTH PHANT IS ON THE FLOOR AGAIN! (Stealth Phant takes 4.5 damage)

The fight is in favor of the retirement terminator right now, but stealth phant still has strength left. You can hit him many times and he will still get get up. He is looking even more pissed than when he entered the ring as we speak. He and the cyborg are now just staring into each others eyes as they circle around. And- Chimera-Tron is going in! Oh he has got to be careful becaus- BANG! WOW! WE HAVE JUST WITNESSED A CAR-CRASH! CHIMERA-TRON JUST MET THE ELEPHANT'S FIST HEAD-ON! BRAWN BEATS BRAIN, NINJA STOMPS CYBORG! IN ONE SINGLE HIT! CHIMERA-TRON 2000 HAS BEEN KNOCKED THROUGH THE STADION WALL AND INTO THE PARKING LOT! THE WINNER OF TONIGHT'S QUARTER FINALS MATCH HAS BEEN FOUND!


Combo (Stealth Phant):
Move Forward --> Grapple
Move Forward --> Kick
Punch --> Duck --> Punch
Kick --> Move Backwards
Duck and Move Forward --> Grapple

Combo (Chimerabot-2000):
Move Backwards --> Punch --> Punch
Duck and Move Backwards --> Kick
Move Forward --> Punch --> Punch
Duck --> Grapple
Move Backwards --> Kick
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10/10/2021 9:00 pm
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but ggs
10/10/2021 2:54 pm
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10/10/2021 2:05 pm
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Honestly surprised I managed to do so well in the start. Well played!
10/10/2021 4:28 pmhistory
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Aye it was actually a close call, but eventually the feeble body of the old-boy wasn't enough.

He just needed to do 5 more damage, so basically one kick or two punches would've done it. Creds to Chimera-Tron for making it interesting!
10/10/2021 12:21 pm
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Yess 💪😁
10/10/2021 2:05 pm
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