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protective skins submissions (contest)ballot

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ckendr0948 started 03/24/2020 9:14 am history
chivas477 replied 03/29/2020 9:14 pm
please post protective skins like hazmat suits person with mask and etc you will have a chance to win and when adding please nothing inappropriate when adding the submission put link to skin then on march 27th or march 30th one of the skins will win when choosing please up vote the skin link you think is the best.
have nice rest of your day and may the best skin win and stay healthy.

  • only 5 submissions per person
  • has to have some type of protective gear
  • there will be 4 finals skins to compete in a poll
  • winner will be featured in a skin
  • please put #protective on the comments
  • please be a regular skin mob skin accepted but i recommend a regular player skin
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2 replies

03/29/2020 9:14 pm
Level 24 : Expert Skinner
Here is my entry

Corona Protection Gear

03/24/2020 9:25 am
Level 24 : Expert Dragonborn
is this a contest? could you spend a little more time explaining the rules e.g. how many entries per person or are we allowed mob skins?
this could help make your contest easier to understand...

Good luck though :)
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