We're cool; Kaos is hot.
  • Kaos_Kitten

    Open me!
    Hiya! My name is Kaos, but you can call me Ski or Kitty!
    You can find my account here: Kaos_Kitten
    I like cats!
    Huge fan of all things pastel and cute!
    I love making tutorials, and helping people!
    Just a smol bab looking for a safe corner.
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    We're just a bunch of lads who hang out a little too often!

    Welcome to DragonPop! hi. We're a group of fun friends! ¡Subscirbe! I'm Kaos_Kitten! ren. I'm Cael! I am Gelos I'm the resident E-Girl who suggested making a group. the smol one. Gacha addict Resident Poggers.

    I listen to some mildly sus music. plants are cool. Remember to love. *Beep Boop*

    Vibe queen with some creative ideas. hix2. Loves the sea and the stars. ... I am the legal owner of only two braincells. i have no braincell. I lost my braincell. Very active on PMC.

    The dragon is called Lenston. Give him headpats.

  • Prince Ren

    Open me!
    little intro here
    linke to profile : Prince Ren
    i like moss, ferns and mushrooms a lot. shiny things are cool too.
    im ambidextrous somehow
    everything space-related really interests mei like cats

  • CaelChan

    Open me!
    Hi my name is CaelChan, but you can call me Cael!
    linke to profile : CaelChan
    I'm 19 years oldI have an unhealthy obsession with all things cute
    My favorite colour is not blue surprisinglyI'm left handed

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  • GelOS

    Open me!
    Hi, I'm Gelos
    linke to profile : GelOS
    I was too silly to fill this outThis was filled out for me, because im silly
    Played mario kart 8, at least onceKaos is the best, canonically that is.

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    Where'd those chibi stickers come from?
    Eyooo, Kaos here!

    The little chibis on our little sections were made by me using some bases! The bases are pretty simple, but it was only right to credit the original site they came from (kaos is only so good at art lmao)

    They are our personas, so please dont use them lmao.

    The link to the site where the bases are from is below.
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