MythicalWilbur, he'll be greatly missed :'(
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This is the official group of all the mythicals on PMC


This is the group for all the mythicals on PMC. This group is made for everybody! Whether you skin or not. Here, we discuss skin Ideas and help new people to make skins and enjoy We can teach some people and learn something new from them too! This group is also the new way to become a mythical. Want to become a Mythical? Just make a guest book post :D. But, before changing your name to the name pattern, make sure to have confirmation from us in the DM! If you want to join this group, but don't want to become a mythical, you can write "I want to join as everyone" in the guest book post. We'll accept you :) 

Who was MythicalWilbur69 and what happened to him?
MythicalWilbur69 also known as Kaija or KaijaInControl was one of the most productive and enthusiastic people I have ever seen in my life. Though we were just online friends and not irl ones, I was really fond of him and he was one of the best mythicals in the group. Now, what happened? On November 28th, 2022, the owner (MythicalDream69) received a message from him on discord saying his final goodbyes. Turns out, he had Leukaemia (blood cancer) and only had 3 hours to live. He was in a coma for 3 months. We sincerely give our condolences to him. He was a great person. o7 soldier! You live on in our memories.
Sincerely, the Union Of Mythicals.

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