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    Hey it's kk,

    Sometimes I make data or resource packs, usually when I don't f‌ind exactly what I want already made.
    I f‌igured I'd start uploading these for others, so have fun.

    Instead of making a larger pack that contains one (or more) of my packs, I ask that you instead make a collection here on Planet Minecraft with the pack I made included. This allows me to see how many people download my packs, get feedback (through comments, diamonds, and hearts), and provide one place (this page) for updated versions. If I f‌ind a pack (on PMC or elsewhere) containing my assets without express permission from me, I will request it be taken down.

    You cannot:
    • claim you made any of my content
    • re-upload unedited version of my packs/content for any reason
    • re-upload edited versions of my packs/content without credit (including a link to original pack on the upload page) and without permission (PM me here on PMC)

    Enjoy :)
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