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Hai there. ^-^ Welcome to my profile. <3 Here is some random stuff about me:
I've been playing Minecraft since 2014 and I started creating skins (from scratch) in August of 2018. Before then I would only edit skins for myself and my siblings. Minecraft is pretty much the only game I play at the moment (besides a few mobile games lol). Also, whenever I play Minecraft I usually play on Hypixel, feel free to add me if I'm on. :P My IGN is A1yssa.
I like to read. :3 My favorite books are The Lord of the Rings.
I really like watching movies. Mainly Star Wars, LotR, and The Hobbit.
My favorite move is probably Rogue One: A Star Wars story. ^-^ The Force Awakens was pretty good imo too. We don't talk about The Last Jedi though... Some day I'll be able to watch a Marvel movie...
I like listening to music. c:

Thanks for stopping by and reading all of this, have a nice day! ^_^ <3

My Youtube Channel (I usually upload skin speedpaints and stuff on Hypixel)

Skin Requests: Closed

→ Terms of Use ←
Do not edit any of my skins and post them on any skinning websites.
You may edit and use them for personal use only.

50 PMC Subscribers: ✔ (Date: 11/24/18)
100 PMC Subscribers: ⓧ
Top 25 in official PMC skin Contest: ✔
Top 10 in official PMC skin Contest: ⓧ
Win in a official PMC skin Contest:
500 YT subs: ⓧ
1k YT subs: ⓧ

One of my skins was featured in an official Minecraft article:

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