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    Hey there, random person. Welcome to my profile page.

    Since you're already here. Let me take a portion of your time to introduce myself.

    Hi, Im Arkady. I've been playing minecraft since Release 1.6.4. Im an experienced builder.
    Im not a part of any build team. But if you're interested in my work, feel free to message me.
    I also post blogs, alot of them, here in Planet Minecraft.

    Here's something personal about me:
    My name is Eiji Arkady Achondo. I live in Philippines. Currently 15.
    And socially awkward(Yes, Im serious). Im fairly tall.
    Usually sitting in front of my pc on weekends, or atleast when there's no classes.
    My daily weekday routine is

    Wake up -> Prepare for School -> an hour travel to school -> school, ofcourse -> when school is finish, straight into home(another hour travel) -> play video games -> sleep -> repeat.

    Yes, that's basically it. Weekends... not that much. Basically Eat, Play Video Games, Sleep, Repeat.
    That's all I can say for now, I think.

    You can contact me over discord if you need something. Here's my discord:

    If you wanna check out my builds, head over HERE
    If you are interested to see my blogs, then THIS should be the place
    I dont make skins and texture packs that much since that isn't my thing

    I've done renders before.You can request one if you want. But I'm currently busy.
    So I won't accept any request, UNLESS it's interesting, or it includes payment
    Here are some renders that I did:

    The Renders

    My former IGN is "EZAwesomeness"

    I used the render for the PMC skin contest "Online Persona"

    Star Wars

    Was a request from someone

    Also a request

    Games I usually play:

    If you wanna play with me on any of these games. Feel free to
    contact me over discord.

    Just wanna add here. I need donations. Yes, Im serious. So please, donate to me. Here's where you donate:


    So that's pretty much it. I'll probably add more as time pass by. But that's it for now.
    Thanks for your time reading this. Farewell

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