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  • not here anymore :)

    not making this a wallpost because i don't want to get attention
    3 years ago i started this account because i was passionate about making minecraft skins. i was incredibly inspired by valuable creators on here and wanted to post my own. my skins sucked, and i knew they sucked, but i loved other peoples skins. one thing led to another and i got way too inspired. i started trying to make their skins look like theirs. i used similar color palettes and shading techniques. sometimes i even stole concepts. i never outright stole anybodys skins but that doesn't matter to me. i desperately wanted attention and was sickly jealous of other peoples likes and followings. on. a. fucking. minecraft. skin. website. and i mean hey it worked i got to level 39 and gained followers but it still wasn't enough for me. it really got to my head and i hate the person i was. i didn't think of anybody here as truly friends or maybe even people, i thought of them as tools to make me more popular. around a year ago i decided to log out entirely but i still kept all my skins displayed, even the ones i felt gross about. a few months ago i decided to delete the ones that i felt gross about but i still kept this page fairly full. now, i don't want anything to do with this site. everybody here is so kind and i'm truly grateful for the people who supported my work. but, i don't feel like it was truly mine. i'm not naming anybody that i stole from because i'll never talk to them again. i'm now going to log off of pmc for one last time. please do not try to find me, i want to separate from this site completely.
    thank you,