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    Hi, I'm Avocado_Joe! I started making skins on November 24, 2019 and this is how is started. One day when I was browsing YouTube I saw a skin creating video, and I thought, "Why not I have nothing else to do." and clicked on it. After that I remember thinking, "Wow, that looks pretty fun!". So then I watched another video and that person was using this website, Planet Minecraft. Because of that I searched it up and made a skin on it, but when I clicked "Publish To PMC" it said that I need to make an account. So... I made an account, after that I kept making skins and kind of got addicted to it for a while where that was the only thing I would do. Then I took about a month long break and then came back to it and got addicted again but didn't stop. And that is how I got in to skin creating!
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