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    Hi I'm Beanie ^-^
    American | they/them
    LGBT | 21

    I'm a semi-retired video creator on YouTube, known for my Minecraft skin tutorials. Now I run my own studio of artists and creators to publish on the Minecraft Marketplace! I also used to teach an in-person workshop about Minecraft skins at various conventions.

    If you're looking for tips on creating Minecraft skins, or just want to share what you've made, consider joining my Discord server! We have a pretty cool community there, it'd be nice if you joined :)

    Check out my Marketplace content here:

    My Skin Packs

    Looking to commission me? Please check my twitter for my commission status! It'll be both in my bio, and I tweet about it often.

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    Come find me on the Marketplace!

    How to find me:
    1 - Load up Minecraft Bedrock Edition on your preferred platform.
    2 - Click the "Marketplace" button.
    3 - Click the "Skins" tab, and go to the search.
    4 - Type in "Zombeanie" and you will find everything I have made so far!

    Here are some skin packs I've made:

    Cottagecore - 10/13/2020

    V1RU5 - 9/8/2020

    Anime Aesthetics: School - 9/2/2020

    Molten - 7/28/20

    Foodimals - 7/21/20

    Kandy Kids - 6/30/20

    Old Skin Packs with Cleverlike
    Glitch (My favorite)

    Rage Quit

    Rainbow Derps (Bestseller)

    Derpy Animal Onesies

    Delicious Derps (Bestseller)

    Royal Derps

    Super Derps

    School Derps

    Derpy Noobs (Bestseller)

    KPop Fruit Girls

    3:00 AM

    Trendy Teens v1 (Bestseller)

    Wedding Party

    Nerds vs. Geeks

    Anime High School (Bestseller)

    Prom Series 3

    Prom Series 2

    Prom Series 1

    Aquatic Adventures

    More Coming VERY Soon!

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