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Project:RedemptionTM Chanel Info:
From January 1 2019, I started to work with my friend Wulfstan on our book project. This is a science-fiction story and a lot of fantasies. The project was named Redemption, it will contain several stories bound to several main characters. Everything will take place outside of the planet Earth in other galaxies and realities. The main character will be able to create a ring portal (something like Stargate) to travel through space and space dimensions.
I have decided to include the possibility that the characters can also enter the Equestrian.So the ponies will be in the story.
The story will be: violent, battle with swords and futuristic firearms, violence, blood, nano armor, death, comedy, romance, sad moments, actions, alternative universes.
Characters: Humans, Ponies, Terranians (Intelligent triceratop with human figure. It's something like the Triceratons in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

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