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    hey there !

    i'm emma, or bunemma.

    she/her they/them pronouns.

    i play on massivecraft, which is pretty cool. you should consider checking it out if you like minecraft roleplay, and come say hello to me if you're there. most of the skins i make are commissions, so they don't end up here.

    i currently don't take commissions, requests, or trades, unless you know me through massivecraft. if you recognize me from lotc or elsewhere, no you don't.

    do not use any of my skins on massivecraft or lotc, unless they say free to use.

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    links to some of my fwiends :3
    [ x ] scribbe
    [ x ] lesbomancy
    [ x ] massivecraft :3c
    [ x ] arhbi
    [ x ] weened
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  • if you use my skins, please read

    my skins are free to use!

    that means you can make edits to them -- colour changing, taking a shirt from somewhere, adding your own characters on!

    please don't abuse that and claim my skins as your own! i put effort and hard work into these skins, and would really appreciate credit where credit is due.

    also if you edit my skins and make them UGLY i will be so sad :(

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    currently looking to make some skinning friends!

    if we're mutuals, or think we'd get along well, feel free to shoot me a dm on discord, Bunemma#9308 !

    if you like guinea pigs, the band ghost, jjba, kda, overwatch, etc etc; we might be good friends ;-3

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