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    Hello, it's me! I'll go by most anything, (as long as it makes sense, XD) I'm new to PMC, usually on Skindex, but I finally got around to making an account here! And, uh, *thinks*, now for a few things about me!

    I'm a bit over-protective of my friends, (not ALWAYS a bad thing, but usually yes, XD), I'm shy irl, but not at all on here, XD, and everyone I know says I'm crazy, XD (They're right on that, XD)

    I just LOVE skinning while listening to some of my favorite music, ascii art (Search Google for more info, it has answers for everything, XD), reading, but more than all that I LOVEEEEEEEE running super crazy contests with the weirdest themes ever to hit the earth, XD!!!

    Anyways, I'll probably update this (Wait, can you do that?), I'll probably update this if I can when I think of more to say, XD

    So, I guess, bye for nowwwwwwww!

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