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  • till death do us part, heres some trash


    I'm Jude! But
    Feel free to call me LanaDelReyLover9912!

    || Jude | Male | 13 | Italian | Eh Skin Maker | Experienced Banner Maker ||

    || “I was always an unusual boy. ||
    My mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality; just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean.”

    My nerds:
    || Aevlo, tsumikans, Citadelle ||

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    Pmc Banner by ShirinGraphicsRBLX
    Pmc Banner2 by ShirinGraphicsRBLX
    Support Stamps
    Dexuo Support Stamp by ShirinGraphicsRBLX
    Get to Know Me
    Here is some stuff to get to know me
    I'm addicted to the show called glee
    My absolute favorite food is pizza
    I sometimes still play as childish as it is, ROBLOX
    I'm gay. surprise
    My zodiac sign is an Aquarius
    My tumblr got deleted because of a meme about trump
    I hate trump
    My favorite song is touch by lil mix

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