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i have 300+ confirmed kills and top tier at the art known as shitposting
i make videos i guess, they're more just experiments as to what i can do and what i can't do and see what gains interest and what doesn't, these are simply made for fun afterall and have no intentions on trying to be super popular with a lot of subs... because i'm never gonna reach that level
this will include making videos that reference relevant stuff and see how well i can capture the feel of such a thing, though this won't always judge the video i will make
that's not to say i don't make original content, but be warned that you will get a mixture of things you may or may not like so if you don't like the style i go then unsubscribe, it's not my fault i wanna be a decent shitposter
other than that you can find commentary i've been doing over at youngbloodcomms (, they're folks who deserve the subs more than me anyways

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