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Do you like Titanic, Ocean Liners, and really half ass movies made with only 5 people? Well if you said yes or no..... This channel is for you.

Latest videos

  • DOOKSIE REVIEWS Carnival Sunshine by: DasIglu
    sooooo I was requested by the builder, my friend. DasIglu to make a video where I go through his ship the Carnival Sunshine. It's not the best, so I hope you all enjoy this cringe content, if theres a...

    posted 07/30/2018 6:46 pm

  • Poseidon update 4 (Final)
    I know I said update 3 was the final (for that time), but for popular demand here is the actual final for the Quartet series of Poseidon. I hope you all enjoy it! ^^ I don't own any of the audio in t...

    posted 07/25/2018 9:03 am

  • Poseidon Videos, 1,000 Subs, New Series, and Updates!
    This is going to be a semi brief update video for my channel that will cover big topic, one of which is the Poseidon updates and whats been going on with them! PMC:

    posted 06/19/2018 4:10 pm

  • SS Antonia Graza Movietone (1958)
    SS Antonia Graza sails into Southampton waters for the first time. After the tragic sinking of the SS Andrea Doria, the Graza was proposed to be her conqueror. Will she live up to the task? or will sh...

    posted 05/10/2018 3:44 pm

  • SS Kaiser Friedrich/SS Burdigala + Download

    posted 04/19/2018 9:04 pm

  • Here Alone: Little Women Music Video
    Just a little video that i decided to make as a break from Poseidon and ships! If you want me to make more music videos (maybe nicer than this one) Comment below. Song: Here Alone - Mindi Dickstein, ...

    posted 03/29/2018 7:13 pm

  • Poseidon Update 3 Capsize
    Happy New Years, and to celebrate I present the 3rd and final (till the release) of the Poseidon. I don't own any of the audio in this video, they belong to Wolfgang Peterson and Virtual Studios, Ir...

    posted 01/01/2018 1:00 am

  • Poseidon Update #2
    The long awaited update for the Poseidon Project. This video is about 4 months late ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but thankfully here it is, hope you all enjoy. I don't own any of the audio in this video, they belon...

    posted 12/02/2017 3:21 pm

  • Titanic Movie Bloopers Part 2
    haha we have 45 mins of bloopers here is part 1 which stars only the best of the cringey music from kazoo my heart will go on to the emotional flute of some random person. Special thanks to North300 ...

    posted 04/26/2017 6:29 am

  • Titanic movie part 2
    PART 2 of the new movie that is a re-write of the original movie from last year. This version is much better improved from the original. Cast: Dooku200 North300 Arkham2012 Ginger_jasmine56 IridiumRos...

    posted 04/24/2017 6:50 am



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