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ondemand_video PMC YouTubers Section

Dr. Trog on Youtube

Dr. Trog
Subscribers: 4,240
Videos: 205

Hello everyone, I mostly make Minecraft videos and I am the creator of the Skyblock 4 map. Expect to see minecraft and skyblock videos along with some other content.

My channel's goal is to inspire people to be creative and make something that have never been seen before.

I am both a builder and a technical player. When I am building I craft stories to go with each build. The end result is an interesting and unique build, with character. On the technical side of things I am good at making redstone machines and love making small interesting datapacks.

Uploading Schedule:
• Once a week
• Random Streams

Latest videos

  • 🔴 Island Construction - Skyblock 4 || !skyblock !whatsup
    Join me on my vanilla Skyblock 4 map to hang out, talk about the map, and just have fun! Today we are goin to be building up our corrupted tree. Map download:

    posted 09/30/2022 10:57 pm

  • A Battle to Save the World - Basically Modded: Episode 20
    My friend and I finally find out who is causing our world to collapse. It's time to find her lair and save the world once and for all! Basically Modded is a series about survival datapacks that are s...

    posted 09/05/2022 11:00 am

  • Everything New in Skyblock 1.19!
    Skyblock is now updated to 1.19! Here's a summary of everything that has changed. Let me know what you are most excited about in this update. Skyblock Map Download:

    posted 06/08/2022 8:30 am

  • Skyblock How to Update to 1.19!
    Skyblock is updated to 1.19! Here's how to update your world so you don't have to restart. Skyblock Datapack Download: Skyblo...

    posted 06/08/2022 8:30 am

  • How to Get Diamonds in Skyblock!
    Can you get diamond gear in skyblock? There are actually multiple ways of getting it! In this tutorial, take you step by step in how to get diamonds in Skyblock 4. Skyblock Map Download: https://www....

    posted 05/25/2022 8:00 am

  • Cyberspace Charging Stations: Basically Modded - Episode 19
    It's time journey to cyberspace and build some charging stations! Let's complete the ravine base while we're at it. Check out Zombified T-Rav: Our datapack pa...

    posted 05/13/2022 8:07 am

  • Fighting the Last Great Evil: Basically Modded - Episode 18
    Undermagic has five great evils. Today my friend and I summon and fight the last great evil The Elder. Check out Zombified T-Rav: Our datapack pack or pack of...

    posted 04/04/2022 8:08 am

  • Florcraft Armor: Basically Modded - Episode 17
    I test out the new Florcraft Armor and see what magical abilities we get from it. In the process, I finish making the auto block production using The Creeper's Code block breakers. Check out Zombifie...

    posted 03/07/2022 8:15 am

  • Woodland Mansion but it's a Castle: Basically Modded - Episode 16
    In search of a to store xp, we take on the Woodland mansion structure from Dungeons Now Loading! Check out Zombified T-Rav: Our datapack pack or pack of data...

    posted 02/21/2022 8:00 am

  • Prison Dimension Boss Battle: Basically Modded - Episode 15
    It is time to go explore the prison dimension of Dormis. T-Rav and I explore and fight the Solatium Thrall from The Bracken Pack. Check out Zombified T-Rav: O...

    posted 02/14/2022 8:15 am

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