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  • Ender, just Ender.

    Credit For pfp Goes Entirely to HowlingCentury’s Awesome Art Skills!!!
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    Name: Ender
    From: End/ U.S.A
    Them/ They

    * level 20 * ✅
    * Level 30
    * 50 Subscribers
    * 50 Submissions ✅
    * 100 Submissions

    Render Requests - Closed until I finish current requests.
    Collabs - Closed
    Trades - Sure, why not?
    Memes - Never Closed.

    None yet, but feel free to suprise me =D

    Support Stamp: SUPPORT ME!!! xD
    My Support Stamp. Minecraft Blog

    Users I Support.
    My Support Stamp. Minecraft Blog

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  • Enders Love Dirt.

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      May 1, 2020, 10:35 am to Public
      Sorry for being AWOL, I've been grinding on my server, which means making one house.... Its nowhere near done, but if you wanna join, ill give the ip... its Aternos for now though, so it wont be up 24/7! =D
      RobertPlayz9157HUN said 2020-06-10 07:59:07
      RobertPlayz9157HUN's Avatar
      What kind of server is it? Like what gamemode etc. I'm interested.
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