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  • It's Okay, You're Okay.

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    Friendies without stamps.

    Darkehh (IRL FRIENDOOOOO!!!)










    Peridot XJ9




  • ♦- -♦- -♦- -♦- -♦- -♦~ Interesting Stuff ~♦- -♦- -♦- -♦- -♦- -♦

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm87PN-fTlg]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm87PN-fTlg[/url] ">
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    ((This video has some flashing lights in it!!))

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    These pictures were found when searching "Black Aesthetics" "Dark teal aesthetics" and "Dark blue backgrounds"
    I take no credit for these pictures as they are not mine. Please tell me if you'd like me to take them down, or if you know who created them.
    Thank you!

    I created my banner using a dark-teal forest background (not mine.) and paint MS. :P

    a quote that i wrote down, and ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔢𝔗𝔥𝔢𝔇𝔯𝔞𝔤𝔬𝔫 created ♥
    2018 08 06

    New support stamp, made by the one and only, ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔢𝔗𝔥𝔢𝔇𝔯𝔞𝔤𝔬𝔫


    This is my smol bean that was drawn by mcrjellyfish uwu

    I love ur style it's so simple and adorable and the colours r just perfect like what the hec ;w;

    Omg thank you so much!
    This is made my SimplyRabbit!
    better go sub now-

    Anxiety. DON'T let it get to you!
    1. Throw it away!
    Anxiety is a cover, a blanket. But it makes you feel cold instead of warm..all
    you need to do is take that blanket off, and throw it away. You can
    still see it, and possibly still feel the coldness of it, but it's not
    on your shoulders anymore.

    2. Day dreamer.
    Instead of thinking of something happy to sugar coat it, try telling yourself a story and use the anxiety in
    it. Day dream, and make the anxiety into something that your character ends
    up overcoming, and fighting. Then loving and understanding.

    3. Understanding.
    • Or try to understand your anxiety, find the very pin point to it and look
    at it, think deeply about it and why, then find all the solutions of how
    to fix it, and how to make it better. And if there are none than do
    something you will think help, you can do whatever you want, just don't
    think about it.

    4. Remember
    • Remember you're only human and these feelings only last so long.

    5. Fire & Ice.
    • Remember these bad thoughts, anxiety, will be overcome by warm feelings, and good thoughts!
    Like how Ice melts when it's heated up, the ice then turns to water which creates life.
    Your Anxiety, and stress will melt away because you have a warm heart, and a
    mind full of good thoughts, that anxiety will then melt and turn to
    more good thoughts, and warm feelings! It could take a matter of time
    before then, but it will happen!

    2018 08 30
    Fanart (And/Or) Fanskins!!

    First fanart here, by the amazing Artsy_Lady (AKA) Artsy_Girl
    Thank you so much!!

    This amazing Fanart is from the one and only
    Thank you so much!!!

    This amazing fanart was made by

    This amazing request was made by;

    Made by the one and only cloverpatchh
    (Made of an OC that is not finished yet ;c - uploaded unshaded ver on skindex, though.)

    Goals - WOOOOOooo


    ♦ 10 ♦
    ♦ 20 ♦
    ♦ 30 ♦
    ♦ 40 ♦
    ♦ 50 ♦
    ♦ 60 ♦
    ♦ 70 ♦
    ♦ 80 ♦
    ♦ 90 ♦
    ♦ 100 ♦


    ♥ 10 ♥
    ♥ 20 ♥
    ♥ 30 ♥
    ♥ 40 ♥
    ♥ 50 ♥
    ♦ 60 ♦
    ♦ 70 ♦
    ♦ 80 ♦
    ♦ 90 ♦

    CAT ♦ 100 ♦ REVEAL

    ♦ 110 ♦

    ♦ 120 ♦
    ♦ 130 ♦
    ♦ 140 ♦
    ♦ 150 ♦
    ♦ 160 ♦
    ♦ 170 ♦
    ♦ 180 ♦
    ♦ 190 ♦

    ♦ 200 ♦
    2018 10 15 uwu

    ♦ 210 ♦
    ♦ 220 ♦
    ♦ 230 ♦
    ♦ 240 ♦
    ♦ 250 ♦
    ♦ 260 ♦

    ♦ too lazy to continue writing stuff down ♦

    Random ( =D woooooo )

    Finish private city roleplay with friendu
    Finish the book i started
    finish the million skins i have due
    other random stuff that is forgotten
    - Self Quotes -
    "I'm not depressed. Just sad. I'm not angry. Just stressed. I'm not mad
    at you. I just need a break. I'm not mad at you. I'm just tired... and
    if you don't understand. I'm sorry."
    -- Fire -2018-02-28

    "If you don't have wings, You can't fly. If you don't hope, you can't dream"
    --Fire - 2018-02-28
    While I was listening to 8-minute long insturmental songs, I started
    getting thoughts of me when I was older, 5 to 10 years in the future.
    Standing on a stage and talking about the real reality of school, life,
    people who dream, people who feel like they don't belong, or people who
    just feel differnt. Even those who are normal and just came to this
    concert I was at. - This was only a day dream though, and may never come
    true. But someday it might. And, secretly, I hope it will. I want to
    inspire people to love themselves for who they are, and who they
    aren't.... its honestly hard to explain what this is like.

    But if you all understand how this is, and how alot of people feel, you should help them if you can.
    - Fire - 2018 - 03 - 01 -

    "Don't ask someone to do something for you, when you can't do it yourself.."
    - Fire - 2018 - 02 - 01
    ♥Skindex & PMC ♥
    ~ Nick's ~

    ~ Kitty ~ KittyCat ~ ~ FireBell ~ Fire ~

    ~ I don't have many 'nicknames' on ~
    ~ skindex, or PMC ~
    ♥ | CE | FS | RQ | R | ♥
    CE = Contest entry. FS = Fan Skin. RQ = Request. R = Random
    ♥ To Do.. ♥
    | Finish CE's () - Finsih RQ's () |
    ♥ Info ♥
    Reshades : Open on PMC or Skindex
    Requests : Open on PMC or Skindex
    ♥ Bands/Singers I Love ♥
    | TOP | Imagine Dragons | Ed Sheeran |
    | Taylor swift | Lauren Aquilina |
    | Rachel Platten | Christina Perri |

    ♥ Hobbies ♥
    | Gaming | Adventuring Outside |
    | Improv | Singing | Drawing/Painting |
    ♥ Fave Things To Do ♥

    | Watching Movies |
    | Listening to music | Skyping my friend |
    | Spending time with my pets and family |
    My profile picture (And I believe this is the creator of the picture I use in my PFP)
    is NOT mine.

    Credit to the original owners. - Reminder : I am not using these for illegal purposes.

    Please do not use any of my art that I have posted on PMC unless it is for playful reasons, such as using it as a profile picture, banner, etc,
    on public & private websites. - When/If you use them, please

    Please give the link to the original pictures in your description/custom posts... (or what you use)

    If you need to know, my Banner (FireBell) And a picture of my OC, Daisy~Chan, are mine. - I used Ibispaint X on my tablet to make both of them. No, I do not own Ibispaint X,
    No, the colours, brushes, text and backgrounds I used are NOT mine.
    But, I made them out of creativity, so please, please don't take them, edit them, trace them, re-make them, or re-upload anyones art, including mine without giving full credit, linking it to them, or e-mailing what you've done to the pictures. Thank you.

  • It's Okay, You're Ok

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    Image result for Dark teal aesthetics
    Image result for Black aesthetics-Image result for Dark teal aesthetics
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    Image result for Sad black quotes

    The cold wind sings quietly
    as it soars through the crimson sunset. Leaving tears of joy from the clouds. The bright, lush green forest is alive, and well.
    Untill the maroon flames burn it down. Charred and black. The animals, of all types, run, or fly, from every which way. To get away from the flames that now consume the forest.
    The Fire was made from only one thing.
    Human kind.

    Choose the right path. The one that leads to heaven, or what is beyond that. Don't choose the wrong one, the one that leads to the evil, cursed land.
    But may I warn you. They're twins. They'll trick you, they look the same. It's up to you to decide the good path..

    When you cry to love.

    And you love someone who doesn't understand.

    When you wait for it but you know it won't come..

    You live for love. Or you lie for love.

    You can't decide for yourself in love. You wait for them to talk. Or you'll be rude. To love, waiting for life. You can't decide, again. Hoping for freedom. You're a caged bird, in a locked closet.

    Hoping to be free in love. and not locked away.

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