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    collabs : friends only
    trades : friends only
    requests : hell no
    commissions are ALWAYS open
    i am always open if you want to talk.
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    name ; grey/brit ; he/him ; student
    neo-psychedelics | alt
    My interests
    im a fan of old 50s-90s movies, and mid 1900s crime
    my favorite games: fnv, fo4, the evil within series, pathologic hd, patho2, beholder, bio shock trilogy, LA noire, and deadly premonition
    my favorite music artists: mgmt, the voidz, hector gachan, mirèle, sweet trip, the symposium, and the long faces
    my favorite movies: the victim, midnight cowboy, pulp fiction, alien, barry lyndon, maurice, the great escape, the grand budapest, the godfather, dog day afternoon, inglourious basterds
    i also love drawing even though im pretty shit at it
    i also occasionally roleplay (a writers gotta do what they gotta do) so shoot me a dm if your lacking people and i might join

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    Favorite people
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